Text forms the content.  Text forms your blog. Whereas, fonts show the text. Without fonts no blog, no readers.

If fonts are so much important then why you should not care about it.

  • Fonts are the one which gives life to your text.
  • Fonts are the one which improves the readability of your blog.
  • Fonts can attract visitors and make them to read your text “more and more”.

Fonts control the look & feel of each and every element of your blog right from Titles, Sub-Titles, Body Text, Footer Text etc.

When I started blogging 6-7 years back, I never cared about fonts and font sizes. Most of the time, I left my blog with the default fonts like Arial, Sans etc. However, when Google fonts came into picture the whole web had upgraded itself to great looking fonts. Further, With high-definition display screens of smartphones, tablets had evolved a lot and hence more polished fonts became popular across different platforms including blog’s.

Now-a-days, I am more caring about the font styles, font sizes in my blog. I had carefully worked out and tried to give best-looking content for BlashO.

With Avada theme, I am much more comfortable to select any Google font in few seconds and I can apply it throughout the blog without touching any source code.

Let’s care about fonts and make your blog content – attractive, readable.

Here are the 20 Best Fonts for your blog.

#1 – Open Sans.open sans font

#2 – Roboto.Roboto font

#3 – Oswald.oswald font


#4 – Roboto Condensed.Roboto Condensed font

#5 – PT Sans.pt sans font

#6 – Droid Serif.Droid Serif font

#7 – Merriweather.Merriweather font

#8 – Noto Sans.Noto Sans font

#9 – Titillium Web.Titillium Web font

#10 – PT Serif.PT Serif font

#11 – Arvo.Arvo font

#12 – Vollkorn.Vollkorn font

#13 – Josefin Sans.Josefin Sans font

#14 – Cuprum.Cuprum font

#15 – Maven Pro.Maven Pro Font

#16 – Libre Baskerville.Libre Baskerville Font

#17 – Crimson Text.Crimson Text Font

#18 – Alegreya.Alegreya font

#19 – Josefin Slab.Josefin Slab font

#20 – Expletus Sans.Expletus Sans Font


These are the fonts that I found to be best for blog content in order to attract readers for “reading more”.

You can also browse through the Google Fonts page and filter out based on your own choice.

It’s a little painful task.

That’s why, I put a blog post on it. Instead, you can quickly search a font name from this above list and use it on your blog.

It is also important to choose best font size for your blog, you can simply do it by yourself. Just ask this one thing in mind, do the text is readable? by people of all ages.

If yes then use that font style & size.

In general you can keep,

  • the font style different for Title and body.
  • the font size of Title text, higher than body text.
  • the font size of Sub-Title text, less than Title text and greater than body text.

As always, use simple looking fonts that can make your blog content simply outstanding and attracts your readers to “read more”.


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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.

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  1. I personally believe Josefin Sans and Open Sans are the best sans free fonts out there. We also distribute them for free on our website.

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