Making Money is one of the primary dream of a blogger (esp. the beginner). To achieve it, there are few steps identified or laid as standard (is it ?) which carves your blog to make profits ! I could not say, its a standard but it could be rephrased into “In Common”. So there are certain in common factors for a blogger, to shine and to achieve financial freedom in life.

  • Blogging is a journey and it goes parallel through out your life. It depends on the individual’s thought, and individual’s style of how seriously there are blogging ?

As i always say, people may do blogging for many reasons and ultimately, many bloggers want to make money out of it. This article is to focus towards that community (its a very wide spread/crowded community) which expects to make profits from their blogs especially those beginner’s.

Beginners are more curious about the results and they want to earn suddenly from the first day.

Lets hope this article, throws some light over them, to show the real path of blogging success.

Keep Yourself Professional Blogger.

Being professional is the first step. Or behave professional with your blog. Now, How to be professional with your blog ? Its not much complicated to behave professional or its not complicated to turn your blog a professional look.

Carving It...

Being Carved…

In practical:

  • Use a simple & good looking blog theme.
  • Write attractive titles (like the one, i used for this article).
  • Speak about real problems.
  • Link to related stuffs.
  • Write an introduction to your blog (at least in homepage).

These are the simple steps that suddenly turns your blog into a professional one without much efforts.

You MUST drive Huge Traffic.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. The word every blogger thinks in mind and even they work for Traffic. A blog without traffic is meant for nothing. Nothing in the sense, no income, no readers and finally, it means wasting your time doing something around your blog. Its quite natural for beginners to be in this situation.

Even i am getting mails from beginner blogger’s asking like, “i am blogging for the past 6 months and i am making no money, what shall i do ? shall i quit blogging ?”

When i see their blogs, it has no value and they filled with less+duplicate content. What i want to tell here is, If you need blog Traffic, you need Content ! That’s the basic requirement of a blog to earn. Will speak about Content in the next step.

Finally, it is clear that we need traffic. Keep in mind that, Traffic is the source of blog income and the volume of Traffic decides the volume of blog income !

  • As a beginner, have reasonable goals like, “by end of this month, i will drive 500 visitors per day”. Its makes you to work with the right effort. Learn to get more blog traffic

Content Generation Strategy.

When you say, Content Generation, first you must understand, Why do you need to generate content ? There many reasons to generate content and out of it, driving traffic is the key which helps us to make money ! So your content must focus towards gaining traffic (for the targeted keywords) at the same time, satisfying the visitors need.

The strategy is:

  • Generate content “with targeted keywords” to drive traffic.
  • Generate content to satisfy the visitor need.

When you adopt this strategy, your blog grows naturally. It gains authority from search engines as well as readers authority and trust ! Learn more Content Strategies here.

Marketing To Great Extent.

Traffic & content are at one side, they are the oldest way of blogging. When you are blogging on a crowded topic, you have to go one step further, to stand out from competition. There comes the marketing strategies. As a beginner, you should even focus towards marketing your blog that too great extent.

In practical,

  • Learn the steps to brand your blog.
  • Speak your strengths in your blog.
  • Speak your strengths on other blogs too.
  • Expose your great content to every one (link it from side bar).
  • Spread your blog link across Internet slowly.

All these are very simple steps to follow from now itself.

I have an another article especially for beginners, How to market your blog from scratch ?

Finally, Converting Visitors Into Profits.

We are nearing the end, we understood Being professional, Content Generation, Traffic Need, Blog Marketing.

Now the final step, to gain the results from all these steps. When you are able to perform all these above steps, you could easily convert visitors into profits. All you need, monetize your blog the right way.

To keep it simple:

  • Understand the kind of visitors coming to your blog (beginners or advance readers or both).
  • Sell products based on the visitors need and based on the purpose of your blog.
  • Don’t sell “Trading Software” on fashion blog.
  • Enable PPC Ads on hot spots (on top bar & in-content).
  • Don’t over run advertisements, the statement: “more ads, more money is not true”.
  • Learn the tricks to maximize blog revenue for beginners.

Finally, if you not able to follow all these steps then just do 2 things: Write useful content always & spread your blog link across Internet slowly. Traffic comes and you will be making money with your blog automatically !

Good Luck…

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  1. Nicely said, this article definitely helps beginner blogger’s like me. You have a great blog with full of useful information.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Joek !

  2. Alejandro CL - Reply

    When it comes to creating your online blogs, you have a few options available. For those who are unable to register a domain name and set up a hosting account, choosing a free blog hosting option sounds like a good idea.
    The problem with this, is that if you truly want to establish a professional presence online, housing your website on a free hosted account not only puts you at risk for not being taken seriously, but since your website is hosted on a third party server, you are also unable to fully control and manage your website.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi Alejandro CL , I agree with your point and it is good to have a hosted domain especially for serious people who wants to really grow !

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