What is Backend in WordPress? Meaning of Backend

//What is Backend in WordPress? Meaning of Backend

From the user perspective, WordPress blog has two views – the front end and the backend. The backend of your WordPress blog is the administrator area, the processing modules (WordPress core), the storage modules (for example, MySQL database) are all available.

The backend of your WordPress blog gives control on how your WordPress blog looks and its various functionalities. The backend shall be accessed using the example.com/wp-admin/ URL and once login, it takes you to the dashboard.

Similarly, the front end of your WordPress blog is that readers see when they visit the blog.What is Backend in WordPress? Meaning of Backend

The backend in WordPress consists of:

  1. Login section – Where the user shall enter username and password to access the backend. These are the credentials used when WordPress was installed or when users were created.
  2. Dashboard section – The dashboard home screen gives you a glimpse of your WordPress blog. It has the various shortcuts created and you can customize the look n feel of it. It shows the total number of blog posts, blog pages published. It shows the recent comments available for your review. You can also customize the widgets and take maximum control of the dashboard.
  3. Administration Screens – The navigation bar contains the links to all the administration pages. These screens allow the user to manage the blog right from posts, pages, categories, appearance, plugins, themes etc. The Widget area allows you to customize the sidebar and the footer bar of your WordPress blog. You can also access the themes settings and the plugin settings from the navigation bar.
  4. WordPress Core & Database – This is the heart of your WordPress blog. The core contains all the necessary code required to manage a WordPress blog. It communicates with the database server and creates all the posts, pages, categories etc. All the WordPress settings, plugin settings, theme settings are all stored in the backend database.

The administrator who takes the maximum privilege of the backend shall do anything from the WordPress dashboard. The administrator shall also control all other users of your WordPress blog.

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