What is Avatar in WordPress? Meaning of Avatar

//What is Avatar in WordPress? Meaning of Avatar

An Avatar is the profile picture associated with a username. It is usually a .PNG file but can be of other file types such as JPG or GIF as well. In general, Avatar will be placed near to the username on any WordPress blog.

It represents the person or we can say, Avatar is the online identity of a person.What is Avatar in WordPress? Meaning of Avatar

Enable Avatar on your WordPress blog by following the steps:

  • Go to Settings – Discussion from your WordPress dashboard
  • Scroll down to section Avatars where you can see all the options related to it
  • Make sure the option Show Avatars is enabled as shown in the screenshot

Enable Avatar in WordPress

You can also select the default Gravatar profile picture. Gravatar stands for Globally Recognised Avatar. As the name says, it is globally recognized as the Avatar standard.

  • In order to show Avatar globally, first, you have to register on the Gravatar website.
  • Once registered with Gravatar website, your email address will be globally associated with your profile picture.
  • Now onwards, whenever you leave a comment in any of the Gravatar-enabled site (for example, a WordPress blog), your profile picture will be shown.

Developers can set Gravatars for users too. This can be done by using a filter with the avatar_defaults hook. This will ensure that users will have a default Gravatar if they do not select their own avatar.

Avatars shall be used by an individual person or by a company for globally showing their logo specially for the branding purpose.

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