Blogging as Employment !When most people think about blogging, they think about someone starting and creating content for their own blog. Although most blogs are owned and operated by one person, there are several companies and organizations that are starting to see the opportunity that lies in blogging and they are looking to hire experienced writers to manage the content.

Because many bloggers are looking to make money through their online writing, there is a lot of interest in finding the newest and best ways to increase their salaries, but there is one opportunity that a lot of bloggers never consider; traditional employment.

When blogging first hit the scene in the 1990s, it was primarily used as an online diary. Today, blogging has transformed and is used for all sorts of communication purposes, and even major corporations are creating blogs to share information with their customers and clients.

This change in purpose has also transformed the practice of blogging from strictly hobby to full-time job, and new money-making opportunities are presenting themselves to writing, journalism, public relations and marketing professionals every day.

But many still see blogging as an independent endeavor, even though there are several companies and organizations in all sorts of sectors looking to hire experienced bloggers. Although blog writers may be reluctant to let go of their self-employment, working as a contract or full-time blogger for another business may be the best route to a good, steady paycheck.

In addition to providing you with a reliable paycheck, blogging as a contract or full-time employee comes with other benefits, as well. You will have your name published on a blog that will have a guaranteed readership, because the company or organization is usually already well-established and well-known. You will also be given the opportunity to grow your network, because you will have the choice to work in an office with your colleagues.

Perhaps the best benefit of blogging for another business, though, is the chance to get group health benefits and take part in a company retirement plan. Not all businesses offer these benefits to their employees, but these are things that a lot of larger companies do offer to their full-time employees (contract workers do not qualify for these benefits). These are things that are worth trading your self-employment for, especially if you have a family.

If you are wondering where to look for a blogging job, there are literally endless options. Nearly every sector of the economy is taking part in the blogging phenomenon; health care, banking and finance, education, government, agriculture, retail, real estate, hospitality, transportation, arts and entertainment…the list goes on.

Applying and being hired for a professional blogging gig may require a portfolio of published work, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you have been managing your own blog for a while. Of course, most companies are interested in hiring bloggers whose sites have attracted a significant following or who have a college degree in the language arts, journalism, public relations or marketing.

Some businesses may also be aware that they need a blog, but they may be lazy about creating one or hiring content creators. This means you may have to seek the opportunity on your own. Think of any companies or organizations in your locale that could benefit from blogging and let them know you are interested in helping them start the project.

Even better, you can work as a full-time or contract blog writer and still maintain your own personal blog! You may have to sign a contract with your employer stating that you won’t do anything that will compete with their business goals, but there is a way to do both. If fact, managing another company’s blog could be your path to personal blogging success; creating a way for you to finance your life while focusing more attention on the quality of your personal blog’s content rather than the quantity of its readers and advertisements.

Lets summarize what we discussed above….

  • Blogging is not just about creating and publishing content. Not just individuals, even companies and product founders are blogging to promote their business and to stay connected with their customers.
  • There are lot of opportunities to take blogging as a tradition employment rather than keeping it as a part-time job. You can get hired by a big brand and that benefits you to build your portfolio to great extent.
  • As a blogger employed with an organization, you can well build your own network around your profile and that definitely gonna add value to your personal blogging career.
  • With the terms and conditions at one side, you can also blog personally to build your own online business as part-time rather than only working as a blogger for an organization.
  • Basically, there are lot of opportunities to grow your blogging skills and to drive-in more income from your personal blogs apart from your official blogger salary.

Keep in mind that you need to work with dedication and always stick to your strategic plan towards personal blogging success even though if you are employed as a traditional full-time blogger.

Good Luck.

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