Are you feeling that you are not good at your business work ? Then may be you are not really productive well enough to utilize your skills and energy. Being productive is one of the key personal skill that every one needs to survey as well as to win. Not only in your personal life but also, for your business life. People do complain about many things right from accessing an information to managing their time every day. If you find that you are also complaining then you have to recharge yourself to become more productive.

You know this is smart era and you are owning great + intelligent gadgets with you always. Your smartphone can help you to become productive in your business. Yes, with the help of Apps you can cut down many of the complex work, save lot of time, plan your activities and do anything you want to become productive.

If you are an Android user then you can go through the below list of Android Apps that helps to be productive in your business or work !

Secretvai Take Secret Notes Quickly.

Secretvai is a simple to use App (developed by me) that helps to take quick notes anytime. Interestingly, you can keep all the notes password protected. Privacy is part of your business. If you want to keep any information secret then you can download Secretvai App.

The notes that you take can only be viewed inside the App and when some one opens the App, it asks for an Access Password. You can also setup a recovery question, in case you lost your apps for productivity

Google Calendar.

Yes, this is Google’s traditional calendar. If you are already addicted to use the Google calendar that comes with your Google Account then you will love this. This App keeps everything synchronized between your Android device and your Google Calendar that you usually access from your PC/Laptop. You can add/edit/delete events directly from this App and it also notifies/reminds the events every time.

The interface is really simple and the full screen view reminds the same how it looks on the bigger screen so you don’t feel that you are seeing it on a smart gadget.

This App is perfect for busy peoples who has to manage appointments every day.

Dropbox for Android.

If you are a Dropbox user then you must own this free Dropbox App. You can access all your photos, videos, documents from anywhere on-the-go. You don’t need to worry about accessing your business data, with Dropbox App it is available 24×7 from anywhere in the world. Using this App, you can upload stuffs to your Dropbox account and also, share with your family & friends.

If you are not familiar about Dropbox watch the below video to understand better.

Google Drive App.

This is the recent launch from Google, the Drive similar to Dropbox where you can host all your content and access from anywhere. You can access as well as edit your documents (doc, excel etc.), upload new docs/photos/videos or use Google Drive as a backup service. The free version of Google Drive offers 5 GB free storage space and you can always upgrade to more space based on your requirements.

Watch the below video about Google Drive for mobile.

Evernote for Android.

This is the App that brings real productive to your work. You can use Evernote to organize yourself, quickly save your ideas, take notes/photos, record voice etc. You can tag and organize your notes for quick access. You can also share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter.

Evernote helps to do lot of work, you can use it as a reminder (to-do) list, travel planner, task tracker, save bills/receipts etc. With more than 1 Million downloads and rated as 4.7 out of 5 stars, you can download Evernote without any secondary thought.

Here is a video on Evernote features.


With Yammer, you can connect with your co-workers or employees. Its an enterprise social network specially made for business peoples who wants to stay connected with other fellows. You can quickly ping others, send an update, receive notifications from others.

Basically, you can stay connected with others even after official working hours. This is best suitable for people who are involved in critical tasks and want to collaborate with others. The idea looks unique so you can give a try even though its rated only 2.8 out of 5 stars in the store.

Mobile Doc Scanner.

As the name says, you can scan documents using this App and save them as PDF file. You can quickly transform any hard document, bills, board notes, newspaper/magazine pages into a PDF file. You can also upload the scanned files to Dropbox,, Google Drive etc. directly from this Mobile Doc Scanner App.


With this App, you can access all functionality of GoToMeeting. You can attend meetings or webinars on-the-go from your Android device. You can also organize meetings or webinars directly from your device, you can also make conference calls and chat with other attendees.

WordPress for Android.

Most of you will have a self hosted WordPress blog usually attached to your business web site. If you have WordPress blogs then you can well manage them from your Android device using this App.

Simply, you can publish a new blog post or edit an existing blog post, you can also manage user comments. This App helps you especially when you are traveling away from your business or work and if you want to quickly publish a blog post. It is simple to use.

You can also check the Blogger App, if you want to manage your blogspot blogs.

Easy Battery Saver.

Most of the time, while working from your Android device the biggest problem is, battery.

If you don’t want to loose all your battery charge then you can use this Battery Saver App that helps to save battery better. The App controls your display, wifi connection, bluetooth connection etc. and shutdowns them whenever they are not required/used. This way, you can definitely save good amount of battery charge.

Having better battery backup for your smart device will always help you to be productive…i mean you can stay on your work without any battery barriers !

Expense Manager App.

One of the simple yet most useful App is Expense Manager. With this app you can manage your day-to-day expenses, track them weekly/monthly basis. If you are more concerned about your spending habits either personally or officially then you can download this app to track yourself. The interface is not so complex and it has a tiny bar-graph that shows your expenses by category.

These are the quick list of Android Apps that helps to be productive in your business and work on-the-go ! There are lot more Apps available in the Google Play store, since the market is crowded you can periodically browse through the top selling paid or top selling free Apps to find best apps than before.



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