The growth of blogging industry over years is really amazing. As years are moving forward, the technology also does the same. The transition from PC era to Smart era had also affected blogging industry.

Further, the dynamic changes on the SEO industry and social media tools had extended the technology dynamics even more.

Android-based devices are extremely popular as they have occupied nearly 80% of the smartphone market.

As a blogger, we can do blogging from anywhere in the world that too on-the-go. I am really surprised to see that I haven’t written a blog post about Android Apps even though I am an App developer (owning Joodio Apps).

That’s why I made this blog post, these are few of the interesting + mush have Android Apps, some I personally use and other I found interesting from the Google Play apps for blogger

Let’s get into the Android App list.

1. Blogger App to manage your blogspot blogs

With Google’s Blogging App, you can do all blogging activities right from publishing new blog posts, editing blog posts, embedding media etc. all you can do from this App. Must have App, if you are running blogpost blogs.Blogger App

2. WordPress App to manage your self-hosted blogs

I am using WordPress and I respect the platform a lot because it’s open source. You can design incredible blog’s using WordPress and this App helps you to manage almost everything from your Android device. I personally, use it and love it.WordPress App

3. Tumblr App to manage your Tumblr’s

If you are using Tumblr as your blogging platform then you must have this App. Yes, you can do almost everything the same you can do from the Tumblr website in order to manage your blogs.Tumblr App

4. Weebly App to manage Weebly based blogs

For those who are running their blogs using Weebly blogging platform, this App is for you.  You can do all blog management stuff right from writing, editing etc. You can also manage blog comments and see your blog’s traffic statistics.Weebly App

5. Evernote App, the modern workspace

With Evernote, you can do anything related to publishing. You can take quick notes, capture screenshots, edit with text, organize your documents, images etc. all using a single App. This is a simple-to-use digital assistant for bloggers like you.Evernote App

6. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

The best office editor for your Android device, you can edit all docs, xl sheets etc. In case, if you are not comfortable with your blog platforms editor then you can go for this App. You can also keep the documents saved on cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive etc.

7. Pixlr Photo Editor

With Pixlr, you can do photo editing right from adding text over images and optimizing image size for your blog posts.Pixlr App

8. Google Analytics

With this App, you can easily access all the traffic data directly from your Android device. You can quickly check how your website or App is performing using this App. It also has real-time statistics same like the web version of Google Analytics.Analytics App

9. Keyword Research Apps

There are a lot of keyword research apps listed on the Play store. However, I don’t find a promising one and almost every App looks to be useless for me. Even the Google Adwords App doesn’t have the keyword planner tool enabled, hope Google will be adding it soon.

10. Social Network Apps

You must be already having Twitter App, Facebook App, Google+ App installed. You can also find other social network Apps like LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

I personally use the WordPress App a most apart from the social network Apps and I am comfortable with the WordPress App’s blog post editor too. If you are little more addicted to traffic stats then you can keep the Google Analytics App installed.

As a blogger, I hope this Android App list will be helpful to you right from managing all blog activities and related stuff on-the-go.

Good Luck.


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  1. Thank you Ven for such an informative post. I also agree that Play Store’s Google Adwords App needs more developments.

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