The next step in Make Money from Android App series – the actual practical step is to develop the App by programming. It is a technical work and definitely needs great programming skills. At least, you must know the Java programming language to begin with Android App development so that you can proceed further. But wait a minute…….

what if you don;t have any programming skills ?

Is it still possible to develop an Android App without programming skills ?

The answer is simple: Yes. You can develop an App without touching any code.

If only programmers can release an Android App then the Play Store will be filled with Junk Apps only.

I mean, not all programmers know the marketing stuff and they may not know really the business steps. In fact, many of the programmers don’t do business and they don’t want to do that.working-online

Don’t think you are not capable here, in fact you are more intelligent that you are going to utilize them to make your App.

  • You are already prepared well, you have a great App idea that works and also, you made a plan – you know well about the purpose of your new App – you know the functionality or the features of your new App. That’s great, right ?

All you have to “find a developer” and feed your inputs” to develop your App.

Hire An Android App Developer.

Outsourcing the App developmentThere are lot of freelancing web sites available in the market and you can find lot of Android developers. My personal recommendation is – it has lot of great features and communication tools so that you can hire developers easily + you can monitor them deeply.

All you have to follow the below simple steps:

  • Prepare a job title and description – write down what you are expecting from the developer and a short note about your App.
  • Post a job opening on Upwork, wait for a while – You will be flooded with developer requests.
  • Fix an interview with them – Ask for sample works and also, see their portfolio (esp. how they are rated by others employers).
  • Short-list the job applications and hire the developer you feel good, capable.
  • Send your plan, App features and functionality (that you prepared earlier) to the developer.
  • Contact/ping him periodically and get the status until your Android App is Ready.

I have used Upwork before, its a great service.

Most of the development jobs are hourly based (pay-per-hour) and you can pay your developer periodically based on the development progress. Once your App is ready, get all the source code and the compiled .apk files (its very important).

In between, you can hire another graphics designer and make a logo/icon for your App – this image can be shown in the App store. You can also send that icon to your developer so that they can show it in your App. This is basically to brand your App with an unique icon/logo.

  • You see the check-list here made by Google, it has everything that helps you in publishing your App.
  • Make sure that you are getting all those stuffs from your developer so that you can simply upload them to the Google Play Developer Console.

Do It Yourself.

You can also learn Android App Programming, if you are really interested to crack your head. Install Android SDK, IDE for Android, ADT Plugin and understand the fundamentals of Android to begin.

Try out simple programs and slowly move into complex things. If you have little programming skills you can try out – otherwise, leave it…you can always hire a developer.

Good Luck.

Find the best App development course here (with or without programming knowledge).


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