Today I gone through the list of top blogs in Technorati and made an analysis on how these blogs are becoming popular ! I am not going to list down the popular blogs here but I will list down the most common factors/features that every blog has. The kind of posts and the strategies that are visible to us that makes them popular. I visited few major blogs like,,,, and few more.

Hence the following points may help any blogger to know that there are some common factors that makes a blog popular.

Covering Latest News and Happenings.

Most of the popular blogs are covering the latest news and happenings in their topic. That means, they are more curious about publishing the up-to-date information. This way the blog content goes unique and fresh, that drives regular readers. Also, targeted visitors are driven like those who are willing to know the latest news on a topic will go to their site regularly. Its common across most of the popular blogs, so don’t wait, turn your blog into real time hub.

Posting Frequency.

It is a general believe that blog with higher posting frequency ranks good in search engines. On these popular blogs, this statement should be true most of time. Because, I saw the top 10 blogs which are breaking a blog post at least every one hour duration. Looks these blogs are publishing more than 10-20 posts per day. But not all blogs are posting in this frequency, some of the popular blogs are posting less than 5 posts per day. On my observation, posting frequency (of course, useful/fresh posts) is more important that decides the popularity of a blog. Even the post’s length is less than 500 or 400 words.

Utilizing Social Media Tools.

I found most of these popular blogs are utilizing the features of social media tools. They are building the interaction with/among the readers on Twitter, Facebook, Google connect and as usual RSS, Email subscriptions. These blogs are providing the way to build their reader network and hence they are getting regular, repeat visitors !

Video In Blog Post’s.

One more thing that i observed, almost all these blogs are posting videos. They have separate columns like Featured Videos or Popular Videos listing down their important videos. Looks most of the readers are lazy to read the content and hence videos are good replacement to just hear the news (with video) for few seconds/minutes. This way readers will become more comfort to hear a news from these blogs. Video’s are best suitable for publishing a product review or description, i believe.

Lengthy Title’s.

Though this may looks silly but you can’t say silly. Almost all the popular blogs are using lengthy titles for each blog posts. The intention could be giving a good description of the content but that really makes each of their posts popular. So don’t wait, start using lengthy titles in your blogs, it may help search engines to show your post for wider keywords too.

Some more common factors among popular blogs.

Blog Design & Themes. Popular blogs are using light colors mostly white background and contrasting corner colors. This may not be true but i am observing like that.
Banners. Banner Ads are widely used that textual ads and that’s increasing the visualization of the blog too.
Most commented/Active Posts. As blogs are open to comments, most commented posts are listed on the home page or in the side bars.
Wide Categories. Most of these popular blogs are not stick to few categories. They are covering wide number of relevant (few irrelevant) categories, almost everything from A-Z.
Page Navigation. They have the option to navigate by pages and to see the older blog posts from the bottom of the blog.

Though I found few more things but on my analysis these are the major factors that are common among popular blogs. I think this could be few of the reasons on how blogs are becoming popular. You could easily follow these in your blogs too !!!


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