Analyzing the competitors site is one of the most important step in online business. Because “online business is competition” and you could avoid competition in business. Either a large scale online business (ecommerce website) or a small scale online business (personal blog), you have to struggle with competitors. When the market has high competition, it means there is a high demand and more opportunity for making money. If you running a web site then you should definitely understand, how to analyze business competitors ? This article tells you the quickest and easiest methods to instantly analyse competitors site.

Generally, every website’s strength is measure from the following:

  • The amount of traffic the web site receives every day and the number of pages viewed by the visitors each day.
  • The number of links pointing to the web site from other websites which basically helps to measure the popularity of that web site.
  • Keywords which are mainly focused by the site and especially, its position in search engine result pages.
  • Professional & quality in serving the visitors need.

Basically, i feel these are major factors that you should see on your competitors site. Its well enough to identify the power of competitors. Lets see how to analyse all these factors.

Traffic Analysis.

Almost every web site uses Traffic monitoring tools like Google Analytics, Sitemeter etc. And i have seen many people share that data to the public and mostly many people are not sharing that traffic data to public. So in that case, if your competitor is not sharing the traffic information to others then how to find ?

Simply, go to Alexa and type in the competitors web site URL. It gives the number of visitors, number of page views and much more information about the competitors web site. Generally, Alexa keeps all these statistics based on the visitors coming to the site who have the Alexa tool bar installed. So the data won’t be an exact figure but almost it will be 60% correct. You could also compare your website to your competitor’s website in Alexa which shows, how far your competitor’s traffic is nearing your web sites traffic.

Another handy tool from Google is Google Trends, where you could compare the traffic statistics of multiple websites same like Alexa.


Backlink Analysis.

The number links pointing to your website. Basically, Google uses this data to assign PageRank to the web pages. Simply, go to and type “”, it shows the number of backlinks pointing to your web site. Another great tool from Yahoo is Site Explorer which gives all the links pointing to a web site. I recommend to use Site Explorer because it shows all the links either its low quality link or a high quality link. Analysing the nature of incoming links to a web site is a great task and it helps you to gain similar backlinks to your website. In general, baclinks are one of the major factor which affects the search engine ranking and positions.

Few more tools are SeoBook’s Analyzer, iwebtool analyser.

Keyword Analysis.

Doing a keyword analysis on your competitors site may quickly helps you to know the keywords focused by them. Keywords are the source of search engine traffic and it is good to know what keywords that competitors site is using ? The density of the keyword and where the keyword appears on the page are more important. Keywords appearing on the top of page and in the title tag carries more weight-age than appearing on the end of the web page.

Seoworker is an online tool which quickly analyses the given web site and shows you a report of keywords, density & much more information. SeoAnalyzer, another desktop based application which helps to analyze keywords, links and pagerank of the given web site.

Understand, what keywords are focused by the competitor web site and the ranking in search engine (Google) for each of these keywords. Tweak your web site based on that, if you analyze 10 such competitors in your market you could easily identify the less competitive keywords.

You could see more such free tools for analysis here.

Sixth Sense Analysis.

Now its time to use your own sixth sense to analyse the competitor’s site. The following tips may help you in that direction.

  • Give a glance of your competitor site, look how professional are they ?
  • Check the design and look-n-feel, are they looking professional compared to your site ?
  • Go through the content and see how quality it is and how it adds value to the reader ?
  • If they offer product’s, see how quality product are they offering ? Compare the quality & nature of product with your business.
  • Find out more information about the competitors site from other websites. I mean, read customer reviews about your competitor, it definitely gives you more inputs. If you don’t see then you could directly ask your customers or visitors to compare your site with competitors site. This gives the practical truth about you and your competitors site.

It is always true that you could not avoid competition in any business but if you understand that competition, you could tweak your site towards making success.

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