Today I browsed through Google for various search terms, made an analysis of how a competitive blog niche could affect your blog’s growth and success ?

A particular niche may become competitive due to two major reasons

  • increased demand for the information by Internet users or
  • more people interested to write about a particular topic.
A Highly Competitive Crowd !

A Highly Competitive Crowd !

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So the question is, as a blogger how far you could stand with a competitive blog niche ? With more number of blogs increasing every day, it is really tough for a blogger to fight with other successful blogs on that niche. On the other side, it has wider advantages that there are always a higher demand for the information.

Moreover, Internet is dynamic in nature and the information changes everyday. So we can’t say that a competitive niche is saturated. There are good opportunities to win in a competitive niche provided you are going in the right way. What is that right way ? Simply, saying it all depends on how far you have understood the competition. And how far you have prepared to stand out from the competition beating your business competitors.

Definitely, when seen through the Internet Marketing angle there are quite a lot opportunities to promote your blog easily in a competitive niche (like building network, link building, opportunities to expose your blog etc). The best example could be the “make money” niche.

Here is the analysis of a competitive niche. I searched Google for “How to make money online” and found there are about 195,000,000 pages indexed. The annoying fact is that I found the term “how to make money online” as title even for the results listed on the page 50 i.e., even after 500 results. That’s called a competitive blog niche.

Now the question is, if you write a blog post on “how to make money online” what will happen ? Do your post may catch the top 10 in the first page ? Thats 90% impossible i believe, unless you are a super hero in SEO or having a high authority site. As I told before, there are 1000’s of people around you and your blog writing the same content. Then what is the advantage of going to a highly competitive niche ? Do you think, it has 0% oppurtunity to win ? The answer could be 50 or 75% correct, i believe.

Unless you have something total unique that admires the readers to make your blog popular you can’t really stand out from the competition. That’s a general logic in any kind of business (either online or real world business). So is that better to avoid a competitive niche ? The answer, purely depends on your interest. If you are interested to take a challenge to fight with the competition then for sure you could start a blog on a competitive niche.

Otherwise, it is best to go for a blog niche with less or medium competition. That could be 100 times better than getting nothing in a competitive blog niche. Either you could win the blog race but that all depends on your own interest. There are always alternative opportunities available in the Internet world as an online entrepreneurs. So keep multiple options like you could work in a competitive niche for new blogs and have some 1 or 2 competition less blogs to achieve easier success. A mixer of niche’s that may balance your entrepreneurs life well. You should learn these tips to beat and stand out from business competition.

So the final conclusion is, competitive blog niche needs something unique in your blog to win. But always you could easily achieve your goals in a less or medium competitive niche. We all know, blogging is always FUN !


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