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How AffiLinker Helps to Increase Your Blog Income ?

AffiLinker is developed with all the major problems of bloggers in mind. Make your blog visitors Love-To-Click every Affiliate Link. You take maximum control on the link placement and be compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

  • Attract More Clicks – Create colourful and stylish Affiliate Links that makes your visitors Love-To-Click.
  • Effectively Monetize – Prioritize those keywords that are more profitable than any other keyword
  • Measure The Performance – Track all clicks on Affiliate Links and continously improve the performance of profitable keywords
  • Google Webmaster Compliance – Show Affiliate Links only on content rich posts(restrict by number of words), no hidden links
  • Important, Save All Your Time – AffiLinker works for you so that can very well concentrate on other activities of your blog
AffiLinker Interactive Options

Grab Visitors Attention, Make Them Click

Embedding a link manually in your blog post or page won’t grabs the visitors attention because for a visitor your affiliate link is yet another normal link. The idea is to turn that normal link into an Interactive Link.

Simply play with your Own creativity !

  • Configure the font size, font name
  • Configure the underline style (9 different link styles)
  • Configure the link color, background color, hover link color, hover background color

Take Maximum Control on Link Placement

You get the flexibility to take maximum control in your hands on where to place the Affiliate Links in your blog.

Gain more authority, Good for SEO !


  • number of links to show per blog post/page
  • number of links to show on the comment section
  • specific blog post/page or comment section from showing links etc.
AffiLinker Settings
google compliance links

Stay Compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines

It is important for a successful blog to respect Google’s webmaster guidelines and we have developed AffiLinker with all these in mind.

Be Google Friendly !

  • Affiliate Links are properly redirected
  • No hidden links are placed in your blog code
  • Restrict Affiliate links on undervalued blog posts. For example, you can configure to show Affiliate Links only on blog posts with 600+ words.

Increase Visibility with AffiLinker Link Cloud

This is a handy feature, you would have never seen in any other WordPress plugin and it sky-rockets the Affiliate Link visibility.

Creates More Visibility !

  • Affiliate Link Cloud is similar to Tag Cloud, all those profitable keywords are collected as a Cloud with corresponding affiliate links added.
  • You can simply drag-n-drop this link cloud widget from the WordPress dashboard and place it on sidebar, footer bar etc.
AffiLinker Cloud

Track Performance and Improve Performance

Find out which are all the best performing keywords and optimize your strategy better than before leading to continuous improvement.

Track & Optimize !

  • Find out total number of clicks made by each visitors on each keywords
  • Find out the unique number of clicks made by each visitors on each keywords
  • Find out the best performing Referral URLs (which post or page) in your blog

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, Here Comes The Full List

  • Quickly Monetize your WordPress Blog
  • Map multiple keywords to single Affiliate Link
  • Choose Underline Styles(there are 9 different styles)
  • Disable all functionality of AffiLinker in 2-simple clicks
  • Restrict Affiliate Links on specified blog post/pages
  • Multi-instance, Drag-n-Drop Affiliate Link Cloud widget
  • Specify maximum number of same Keywords per blog post/page
  • Specify maximum number of Affiliate Links on the comment section
  • Define the Target Window (new/same window) to open affiliate page
  • Show Affiliate Links on unlimited blog posts/pages (even if you have 1000′s of posts/pages)
  • Integrated Simple Hit Counter – Tracks unique clicks, total number of clicks on each keyword and Referral URLs
  • Change Affiliate Link color, background color, hover color, hover background color, font family, font size
  • Add or remove Nofollow tag to Affiliate Links
  • Option to disable Affiliate Links on blog home page
  • Configure each and every Affiliate Link with Unique Style
  • Customize Affiliate Link format with your own LinkTerm
  • Show Affiliate Links only on specified blog post/pages
  • Show Affiliate Link Cloud Widget on blog sidebar, footer bar
  • Specify maximum number of same keywords on the comment section
  • Specify maximum number of Affiliate Links allowed per blog post/page
  • Replaced junk Affiliate Links into professionally looking links
  • Specify Affiliate Link Cloud font size range (creates high visibility to Affiliate Links)
  • Specify Keyword Priority and AffiLinker first converts high Priority Keywords into Affiliate Links
  • Play with your creativity and make visitors Love-To-Click every Affiliate Link

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