AffiLinker WordPress Plugin – Help 2017-10-07T14:21:02+00:00

1.Getting Started #

Learn how to download, install & activate all the pro-features of AffiLinker Affiliate Link WordPress Plugin.

1.1.Where to download AffiLinker plugin? #

You can download it from the official WordPress page.


You can also directly install it on your WordPress dashboard.


1.2.Manual Method: How to install AffiLinker? #

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step 2: Go to Plugins > Add New & Click “Upload Plugin”AffiLinker_affiliate_link_plugin_install

Step 3: Click “Choose file”, select the file and click “Install Now”AffiLinker_affiliate_link_add_plugin

Step 4: AffiLinker installs and prints a message “Plugin installed successfully.”AffiLinker_affiliate_link_upload_plugin

Step 5: Click “Activate Plugin”. You should see the message “Plugin activated.”AffiLinker_affiliate_link_activate_plugin

Done. Now AffiLinker is ready to work.

1.3.Dashboard Method: How to install AffiLinker? #

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step 2: Go to Plugins > Add New

Step 3: Search for “affilinker”

Step 4: Click the Install button.

Step 5: Click the Activate button.

Done! AffiLinker is ready to work !

  • Note: If you want the premium version, just activate it using your order number.

1.4.How to activate all Pro-features? #

First of all, if you don’t have an order no get it from here.

Go to AffiLinker > Pro-features. You will see the message that “you are using the free version of AffiLinker”.

Enter your order number (get your order no here) & click “Activate”.


Once activated, you will be see the message as “you are using all the pro-features of AffiLinker“.AffiLinker_order_2

Note: If you don’t have already, get your order no here.

1.5.Shall I use AffiLinker on multiple WordPress blogs? #


You are always allowed to use AffiLinker on any number of your WordPress blogs.

No limitations.

2.Plugin Usage #

Learn how to create/edit/delete affiliate links and how to use the plugin.

2.10.Do the keywords are case sensitive? #

Yes, the keywords are case sensitive in order to have better control over link placement. 

For example, the keywords “canon dslr” and “Canon dslr” are considered as different keywords.

3.Refund Policy #

3.1.How to request for a Refund? #

No hassles.

Just visit here.

3.2.How does the 60-day money back guarantee works? #

It’s simple. In case, if you are not satisfied with AffiLinker, you can go for refund request within 60-days from the date of purchase.

Refer here for more information.