Update: Looks AffiliateCurry is no longer active.

This is a short AffiliateCurry review, one of the successful Affiliate Program in India. I just came across the AffiliateCurry program and sharing you a little bit of information as a review. If you don’t know anything about Affiliate Program, I would recommend you to read this article basics of affiliate program first. Though there is a numerous money making affiliate programs on the Internet, it is really hard to select the best affiliate program.

As far as AffiliateCurry is concerned, it was formed by the year ’04 and it is an Indian based company doing best in the Online Market for a couple of years. You should know the two terms Merchant and Publisher before going to affiliatecurry.

A Merchant is the one who wants to promote a website or a product online through Internet. A Publisher is the one who really promotes the website or product for the Merchant. The Promotion could be like

  • making referral to a program or package,
  • generating traffic to a website,
  • purchasing a product online like ebooks, books, Tutorial DVDs,
  • free sign up to a website etc.

Finally, the Merchant pays the Publisher a commission of money for the promotion done.

Simply saying, publisher promotes merchants product for the money. So more promotion leads to making more money through AffiliateCurry. You could join as a publisher to promote others product. Get paid with the commissions, an amount fixed by the merchant for each sale.

So now the question comes, how to promote the merchants the product? I have framed the steps to increase affiliate product sale. Just go through the article, it helps you from the affiliate promoting side.

Also, the other way I would suggest you is the simple and effective way of making money from AffiliateCurry. If you help AffiliateCurry you will be directly paid by them. What kind of help? If you make somebody to join AffiliateCurry as Merchant you will be paid approx USD 45$ (you can convert it to Indian value).

How To Join Affiliate Curry?

1) Go to Affiliatecurry.
2) Sign up as Affiliate and get approved by mail.
3) Once joined you will get the Affiliate Referral Link, using that link you have to make others join Affiliatecurry as Merchant.

You will get Rs.2000 for each referral you make through your referral link. Receive Payments through Cheque once a month.

Tips To Make others join as AffiliateCurry Merchant !!!

  • Tell your friends to sign up as Merchant who wants to make online sales, even you can share a commission with your friend.
  • Join business related Discussion Groups like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups. Send Mails to those Groups explaining about this program by adding your referral link in the body of the mail. You should make a perfect e-mail marketing. It’s a free way of advertising.
  • Other ways of promotion are through Paid-To-Click programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads etc.

Or else, find out the Ways to free advertising your online business, an article that throws some light on making free advertisements. Read the AffiliateCurry e-book for more information about the program.

It’s guarantee that sure some peoples will join Affiliatecurry using your referral link. The more quality way you promote leads more peoples to join. You will receive more referral Merchants and more money paid from Affiliatecurry.

I know this is the best and easy die hard way of earning money online without any much risk, no more stress. Just spend some time whenever you are feeling free or boring !!! I have few more Tips for money making online especially in India, you may definitely find useful information.

Though I am not an affiliate from AffiliateCurry, I just wanted to share you one of the money making ways here. Try Affiliatecurry today and share your experiences for others to know more about AffiliateCurry.

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