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Join Hands with BlashO
Become an Affiliate
Get 50% Commission on Every Sale you Make

All you need to have a free clickbank account

How the Affiliate Program Works? 1-2-3 Steps…

It is completely free. All you have to promote the AffiLinker plugin and get paid for every sale you make.

Simple Math. How Much You Can Earn?

If all goes well as planned, let’s see how much money you can earn being an Affiliate to us.

Avg $ per sale = $21.24

Avg $ per 100 sales = $2,124

Avg $ per 1000 sales = $21,240

Get HTML code for Banners/Links to Promote

Please use the below link and replace XXX with your Clickbank Username.

(if you don’t have a Clickbank username, please create it here)


Download the Promotional Banners and HTML code

125×125 banner

250×250 banner

AffiLinker WordPress Plugin

Click the below button to download the banners (.png files) & html code (refer to readme.txt)