When you have a blog in hand, you can turn that into a money making business! depending on the topic that your blog covers. However, when you apply certain strategies or actions, you can effectively monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the profitable online business and you can even become richer by selling a lot of products online.man-making-money-silhouette-816489_640

A simple math – If you are making 100 sales per month and say, if you are paid $20 per sale – you can easily make $2000 per month. As it is commission based business, it all depends on the quantity of sales you make. It is extremely possible to turn your blog into such a money making business.

Importance of Blog Traffic.

Blog traffic is what makes you richer every minute and be known every visit. Blog traffic is fatally important since it is the heart of your business since without traffic for your blog – no income will enter your bank account. The more you post articles the better chances that your blog will generate traffic and with more traffic the better the chances of getting noticed by search engines such as Google and others.

It is also required to drive traffic related to your blog (I mean targeted traffic).

Targeted visitors are the one who look the affiliate products that you promote from your blog and chances of selling products to them is high.

Keywords are playing a major role in deciding the targets of blog traffic. Learn how to select keywords for targeted traffic?

  • For example, if you are looking for buyers then your keywords should go around the product with words like “review”, “buy”, “list of”, “top selling”, “best-selling” etc.

Got the point? Write an article with these keywords in the title, it naturally drives targeted buyers.

Learn to drive more blog traffic.

Promote Related Affiliate Products.

Related affiliate products must be promoted, why? Whenever a visitor saw links and other ads in your site, curiosity will make them click it sending them to affiliate sites as well.

This curiosity arises only when the ads are related to the user.

  • For example, if you are writing about Tablet PCs and showing ads of mechanical products then no one will explore it. At the same time, if all your advertisements or affiliate links are related to Tablet PCs (or related gadgets) – visitors love to check them and more chances of driving sales from your blog.

Contextual product promotion is one of the best strategies to quickly convert the traffic into money.

If you are using wordpress blogs – then check this AffiLinker WordPress plugin which quickly helps to monetize your blog with affiliate links – keeping the basic rule of contextual product promotion in mind.

Sell Problem Solving Product.

It is important to pick the right products for promotion. Not just products related to your blog, the product should solve the buyer problem.

When you are already blogging on a particular topic, you should be knowing the major problems in that market. Identify such problems and find out the available products which solve those problems.

You can go one step further to analyze the features of each product and see, which one gives a better solution. Promote such problem-solving products from your blog, definitely your visitors will pay attention to it and hence more chances of getting sales.

Keep in mind that most of the Internet surfers are looking for a solution to their day-to-day problems.

If you are able to serve such visitors for the first time, they will come back again and again to your blog looking for more information/solution. This doesn’t happen suddenly, however when you use the right keywords in your articles you can easily bring targeted visitors who are looking for a solution to a problem.

  • You can explain the problem and show the product as a solution. This way, your visitors will become buyers.
  • This is the basic rule of selling any digital product over Internet and this is applicable for any market/topic which has problems.

Test and Track Every Sale.

Affiliate marketing from your blog is not a magic or blind work. You can track everything from your visitors, their link navigation as well as who are all the buyers – All these data helps you in tweaking your strategies.

Using tools like Google Analytics, you can easily setup conversion targets and everything will be tracked on your blog. Periodically you have to analyze these data and identify the loop holes in your blog.

See, what kind of visitors are buying – if search visitors are buying identify their search keywords. Now apply the same to other product or write similar articles which bring more visitors who are buyers. This data readily varies between market-to-market and hence you have to experiment with your blog.

In few weeks, you can easily increase the number of sales and your blog earns you a lot.

Do more experiments, track everything and use it as a feedback input for better tweaking.


As I mentioned earlier, you can even become richer with your blog + affiliate marketing. Keep the following requirements in mind:

  • Make sure your Blog topic should have a considerable amount of demand so that you can find buyers.
  • Identify the problems and corresponding products in the market.
  • Write articles about these problems and show the products as a solution. Use keywords wisely.
  • Measure the results and see, what kind of visitors are buying.
  • Repeat the steps better than before until your reach your financial goals!

Hope all these affiliate marketing tips are useful and when you follow these definitely, you can make a lot of profits from your blog.

Good Luck!


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