It’s been long time since I talked about Affiliate Marketing. When I started this blog, I was more focused on the “money making online” keyword and majority of my advice was on Affiliate Marketing.

However, when I took 2+ years of break from blogging – I learned lot more stuffs and gained more fresh ideas about blogging and online businesses.

Later, when I resumed blogging the very first thing that I came to my mind was to promote my Affiliate plugin AffiLinker.

I decided to completely move BlashO and its whole bunch of ~700 blog posts under AffiLinker.

I wanted to keep AffiLinker on the front side and the blog on the back end. However, when I dug deep into the growth strategy, I realized that if I am going to sell WordPress plugin, I have to focus more towards bloggers. Because bloggers are my target audience. When I turn my blog towards bloggers, I can show my plugin as a solution.

Hence I decided not to move BlashO under AffiLinker.

Instead, I  U-Turned BlashO from a “money making online” blog into a “blogging advice” blog.

This way, I can target bloggers and all my blog posts will be aimed towards bloggers.

More specifically, WordPress bloggers.

This way, I can showcase AffiLinker as a first step and secondly, I can develop new WordPress plugins or products targeting only bloggers.

In reality, that’s a simple concept – it’s applicable for anywhere you want to sell a product or service.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, first learn what is it?

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, its all about showing the right product to the right audience.

You can always keep this statement in my mind and simply, work for it. Success comes by itself.

To make it even more clear, I have put the whole process into 4 steps.steps to success

#1 – Decide Your Target Problem and Audience.

Problem, the gateway to any business. It creates business oppurtunities. It creates everything for us.

When there is a problem, there are people who are facing it. There are people who are willing to solve it. There are people who are suffering from it.

Yes, those who are with a problem are your Audience.

You are going to target your audience with a “product as a solution” to their problem.

It’s simple.

#2 – Decide Your Solution, A “Product as a Solution”.

You are clear about the problem and your audience.

Now how can you solve it?problem of your target audience

Either, you can show your own product as a solution or you can show some others product being an Affiliate to them.

I found bloggers are struggling with 2 simple problems: one – increasing blog traffic, two – increasing blog income.

AffiLinker, I developed with the second type of audience in mind – bloggers who want to increase their blog income.

I made AffiLinker as a solution to it.

Similarly, you have to find the right “product as a solution” and show it to your target audience.

“Help” to solve the problem. Make Money.

#3 – Drive More Traffic, Visitors Who Has That Problem.

You found a problem, you understood the audience, you have the product as solution.

Now only the real work starts, you have to find people who have the problem.

All you have to drive traffic.

If you are promoting the product from your blog then Google is the major source of traffic. Facebook, Twitter traffic mostly sucks and hardly helps you to sell products – however, it is also dependent on the industry or market.traffic and sale growth shown as a graph

You cannot make huge sale of a WordPress plugin using Facebook. YouTube may do better than it. At the same time, if you are looking to promote fashion products then Facebook may convert better.

Search engine traffic is more serious as the visitors are “active users” who are really looking for a solution to their problem.

Driving targeted traffic to sell is the aim – the source of traffic may dependent on the industry or market.

#4 – Repeat The Steps For Success.

Once you are into the complete cycle – you can just repeat it again and again.

In order to achieve anything successful in life, “you have to repeat it”. You have to do the same steps again and again with only difference “better than before”.

This way, you will be naturally improving your strategy and money rolls-in automatically. You can even document your steps like me and follow it strictly – you will also find improvements every time.


Affiliate marketing using a blog or an email list is extremely simple – if you understand who are all your audience? and what problem they have? You have to simply show the right product in front of them.

[Tweet “When there is a coincidence happens between “audience – problem – product”, you make a #sale.”]

That’s the truth.


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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.

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