It is quite common for a blogger to run advertisements in their blog for making money. In order to survey with a blog and to continue blogging as a business, we do dedicate ad space for sale. However, not all products that you promote converts and at most cases, product promotion may fail especially, when you are not aware of certain factors.

The quick questions coming to my mind are, Do you advertise a product effectively in your blog ? Do you advertise an effective product in your blog ? When you are able to quickly answer these 2 questions, i am sure that you are promoting the right product already. Otherwise, go back and review the advertisements running on your blog.

This debate is applicable for blogger who follows the self advertisement strategy where you could take the control in placing the ads. I mean, if you are running Adsense or any other PPC based ad programs you could not take such control. At the same time, when you are selling ad space manually (say, through Advertise Space dot com) or directly selling on your blog then you have to think all these stuffs.

Okay, what i am going to teach here is: the 5 questions that every blogger must ask before advertising a product in her/his blog. When you are able to answer these questions, i am sure you could make your promotion strategy productive towards making more money/profits.

First, Do the Product Helps your Reader ?

An Attractive Ad @ flickr

An Attractive Ad @ flickr

Readers are the back bone of every blog, when you are not getting any readers, your blog is dead. I mean the real traffic who are looking for information and that’s the audience. Before you advertise a product, just ask: do that product helps the audience ? If it benefits, at what way it helps ?

Try to correlate the user expectations with that product. When they meet each other, the advertisement definitely grabs the reader attention and it makes you profits.

What Problem the Product Solves ?

The most important questions,

  • do that product solves any problem ?
  • what is that problem ?
  • how serious is that problem ?

Profitable products are always the one which solves the user problems. Not only just solving a problem, it should provide an effective solution too.

When the product addresses a problem in the market, your visitor thinks to take that, because he need a solution for his problem. So before advertising a product in your blog, ask this question and see, how it really solves the visitor problem.

How Much Money it Makes ?

Returns are more important in business. It depends on your goals as well as how much money you had invested in the business.

Definitely, blogging is not a costlier business however, you may spend money for marketing purpose at most cases. Find out the value of the product that you promote. I mean, how much commission you make ? or if it is your own product, how much you earn per sale ?

List down, how much you spend every month and based on that, decide the value of the product and also, the expected number of sales and returns.

Do the Product is Popular ?

When it comes to audience, the word “popularity” gains more weight-age. This is how the people see a product or business service. There are so many reasons for a product to become popular (not only quality). However, when you are advertising a product, ask this question to yourself: do that product is popular at least in your domain/market ? In other way, this product should not have many negative reviews/comments in the market.

If you are promoting your own product, do a bit of research in the market and see, where your product stands ? Take corrective actions to make it popular/better than before.

Keep in mind that, people fear to invest money with unknown products/business.

Do the product helps in Contextual Promotion ?

No matter, whatever good product you promote, do it contextually. Always check twice, whether the product is related to your blog topic or related to your business. Don’t just promote for the sake of higher commission or like: others are doing, so i also do…

This plays the key factor in conversion, even i have experimented promoting lot of products in this blog especially from the side bar and top bar. However, all i could simply understood is that: contextual promotion converts better !

Finally, all you have to ask the below 5 questions:

  • Do the product helps your reader and serves their need ?
  • What is the problem it solves and seriousness of the problem ?
  • How much money you could make as returns ?
  • Do the product is popular with at least positive response ?
  • Do the product fits your contextual promotion strategy ?

When you are able to answer positively for all these questions, go ahead and promote that product…



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