Going straight forward, lets take an example of buying a home. There are two options for you, either you could buy a built home or construct your own home. Both of these options will have their own advantages and disadvantages. But buying a built home will have more advantages especially in spending less time, less energy when compared to building your own home. Moreover, its really comfort to start a life, if you buy a built home.

The same funda applies here in website’s too. Buying an established website definitely has more advantages when compared to building a website. Lets see those advantages which helps you to realize and to take a good decision before buying a website of your own.

Less Startup Work.

In reality, building a website from the scratch is the toughest part of online business. It could be any type of website either a ecommerce based site or simply a content rich blog. You have to invest quite a lot of time and hard work in the initial stage of website growth. So if you are buying an established website then you are not going to put all that kind of effort.

At the ease of others hard work, you could easily become a owner of a grown website. But for sure, once brought you have to work but the amount of effort will be less for maintaining a website.

Search Engine Traffic And Ranking Factors.

It becomes the goldmine, if the website is already getting good amount of traffic from search engines. SEO is the long term strategy for websites and that’s not gonna happen in a day or week. It takes months and even years to reach that high level of authority towards the face of search engines.

So if you are buying a site which has that authority then you are almost done with 75% of your business ! It’s really a pain to build a empty website into a high traffic website.

Make Use of Existing Customers.

Gaining customers to your business, the hot goal of every business men. And building a customer network around your online business needs enough amount of time and patience to happen. All these things won’t happen in short period and if the website you are buying has good amount of customers then you are in the safe side. Just getting the website a hand change and you are going to maintain in your own style or approach.

The email subscribers, RSS subscribers, newsletter reader, joined/registered members etc. are all coming under your control. I would say, this is the most valuable assert a website can own. The money you pay for a new website should pay back all these asserts. So keep these points in mind before buying a website.

Money, Income And Profits.

Making money from a website needs good amount of traffic and effective monetizing strategies. Its not a hard part of monetize a site but doing an effective monetizing matters. A well established site will have all the pillars laid and you are in more comfortable stay over the floors. You could easily increase your online profits as an extra income stream. Basically, doing nothing you could make money from a new website.

Definitely there are much more advantages if you buy a website instead of building a website. Also, buying established websites requires less amount of energy to just push the business as it goes. But if you build a site from the scratch you have to spend more energy to create, start and then pushing the business on the go.

Finally, i would say, you have taken a good decision, if you are buying an established website instead of building a new website from scratch. The following are some of the best places to buy a new website now.

  • Flippa – The #1 Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites and Domains.
  • Website Broker – Buy and sell websites and domain names too.
  • Sitepoint – Buy & sell premium web sites, established web sites online.

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  1. Sitepoint no longer has a website marketplace, they’ve moved to Flippa. Another place you can go which is cheaper than Flippa is Blarket.com.

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