Blogging is always challenging and fun too especially on a highly competition niche. Last time, we discussed about the disadvantages of blogging on high competition niche. This time will discuss about the advantages.

Same like the disadvantages, there are much more advantages too that you could feel when you are blogging on a highly competitive topic. If you understand the advantages, then for sure, you could tweak your blogging style to grow your blog as a business.

It is a common believe that high competition niche’s are saturated. But usually, I don’t agree to that statement because i strongly believe that, Internet is a dynamic platform. And Internet needs always fresh and latest information. It is advantageous that a highly demand topic or niche needs more information every day and every minute. Lets discuss some more on the advantages in detail.

Opportunities To Share More Information.

When the market is bigger, there are more opportunities to share more information on your blog. Its gives the flexibility to give out more useful information/references to your readers. You could easily engage your reader with more stuffs.

A blog niche with less competition may have lesser demand for information (about 95%) but a high competition niche surely will have higher demand for information. You could easily find good articles/information about a particular category on your niche or any doubts you could clear easily. This way, you will make your blog rich in information especially in giving more references to reader.

Be Happy with Competition

Be Happy with Competition

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Being Up-to-date on the Niche.

A highly competition niche gets more breaking news and updates. Since the market will be wider, there will be more number of industrial happenings. Hence you could get more news and updates to share with every one. So this creates more opportunity to share fresh content to the readers & also to search engines.

This makes you blog with more unique content and gets chances for more frequent updates. Generally, a low demand market will a have lesser opportunity to write breaking news.

Quick Blog Promotion & More Visibility.

Its quite easy to promote your blog through blog networks. You will find more number of blogger’s interested to network with your blog and hence more visitors as well as more visibility to search engines. It also creates higher visibility on you and your content/message because it easily moves over Internet.

Moreover, you could find more blogs for commenting, writing guest posts, doing a link exchange and much more easier blog promotion activities.

High Demand & High Traffic Too.

A high demand market always needs high supply. So you will become 100+1th guy to supply the required information to the demanding market. Also, a high demand niche will have more information seekers especially on search engines and hence chances to drive more natural search engine traffic to your blog.

Easy To Monetize Your Blog.

When it comes to niche, monetization is a major factor. Apart from usual Adsense or other Ads, you could easily find more affiliate products to promote on your blog. Hence it gives more opportunity to monetize your blog in variety of ways.

You could find more direct advertisers to your blog and you could even advertise your blog/product on other related blogs too. Monetization becomes easy on high competition blog niche.

So in the end, a high competition niche is good to choose 80% of time but it all depends on how unique your blog and how unique you are branding your blog ?

As I mentioned earlier, Internet is a dynamic medium and it always needs fresh/latest content so you could blog,blog & blog on a high competition niche forever towards success !


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