Managing emails and subscribers on a WordPress blogging platform is a tough job. But when you utilize the power of WordPress plugins, you could make your job simpler. From managing the email subscribers list, sending emails/newsletters, auto-responders, email comments etc. there are tonnes of free plugins in WordPress.

To help you, i have complied the list of 9 useful plugins which definitely helps you to manage email related activities on your wordpress blog. Have a look and use the one that best suites your requirement.

  • Transpose Email – Because of increasing number of email spammers, you may want to hide your email id on your blog post. But how to show your email in cases, where you want to really show your email address to your readers ? There comes the plugin Transpose Email which shows the email id as encoded java script link and on clicking, it composes an outlook mail too.
  • Email Users – A plugin used to send emails to the registered wordpress users. It has the option to send email to selected individuals or to a group of registered users. Moreover, it does the same job of feed burner like sending emails to the subscribers whenever there is an update of blog post or page.
  • New User Email Set Up – This plugin helps you to send a greeting email message as soon as a person registers to your wordpress blog. An automatic email sender where you could tell about your blog or welcome the newly registered user through a message. It supports HTML formatted messages so that you could add images, formatted texts too.
  • Email Commenters – This a great plugin which helps you to simply send an email to all the people who have added comments to a particular blog post. There may be cases arise (when there is an update/important change on the blog post) where you want to contact all the commentators of that specific page, this plugin sends a mail on a click. It actually shows a link “Mail the commenters on this post” and clicking on it sends email.
  • Email Alerts – Plugin which alerts you whenever there is a new comment posted on your blog or a new post is posted. This actually helps more for multiuser wordpress blogs where, you could give access to your users to moderate the blog comments. For example, if you are on holiday you could setup this plugin to allow moderation access to any other user. And more interestingly, it alerts you whenever a comment is waiting for approval.
  • Commenter Emails – A plugin which instantly gets you the list of all commenters email ids. It actually gives you the emails ids of all the people who have written a comment on your blog so far. It exports the list as .csv file. This is an interesting plugin using this you could contact all the people who have commented on your blog. It considers only the approved commenters email id.
  • Feedburner Email Widget – This plugin makes the job simpler by placing the feedburner widget at the required place in your blog. In actual, you don’t need to manually copy the code from feedburner. Instead, installing this plugin and configuring with your RSS feed is enough to enable.
  • WP Responder – An alternative to aweber and other paid email management services. It supports subscription forms, newsletter support same like Feedburner/aweber. And autoresponder support where you could compose and schedule emails to the large list of registered users. It has the option to import email list from feed burner. A FREE and perfect alternative to Aweber. If you don’t want to use any paid email management service then WP Responser is a perfect choice for your blog. I am planning to use this very soon !
  • Email Subscription Box After Post – A plugin which simply places the feed burner subscription box under every wordpress blog post. Install and configure with your feed burner settings, its up !

Now it’s easy to manage email related activities on your blog using these WordPress plugins. You know, still today email marketing is one of the best driven factor for businesses online. Have a look on this infograph (has interesting data about emails):

Facts & Stats on Email Management, Marketing that helps bloggers.

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  1. Vijay - Reply

    I tried the "email alerts" plugin, but its not sending any alert to the email box. Wondering anyone has the answer…!!

  2. this is a great list dude…thanks for sharing this information. Esp the WP responder i was looking for, as an alternative for Aweber ! I don't want to spend money for email management.

  3. Thanks for nice post. I may use some of these plugins….

  4. Jhonty - Reply

    I am just looking for an alternative to aweber and found it here. Big thanks to you. Hope it does not create any hang shangs.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your comment Jhonty, Aweber is one of the best if you are ready to pay and go bigger with your email list. See you back.

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