Encouraging comments in your WordPress blog is one of the best growth strategy in terms of engaging the blog readers.

For high traffic blogs, managing the comments will be a major task. Its really tough to filter out the spam comments and also, to make your readers addict-to-comment in your blog.comment management plugins for wordpress

To help bloggers, there are many handy plugins in order to make your job similar, in terms of managing comments, controlling spam comments, engaging readers etc.

Let’s see few of those best WordPress plugins.


One of the responsive comment system which has many interactive features like comment voting, e-mail subscription for replies. This is ajax based commenting system and hence when your reader posts a comment, the page won’t reload. This will be helpful, if your blog gets hell lot of comments.

You may miss some page views.wpdiscuz comment plugin

Subscribe To Comments

Another plugin which helps to bring the readers back to your blog, by adding option for comment subscription(via e-mail).

Upon subscription, when somebody replies to a comment, an email will be sent-to-notify the subscribed commentator. It has an option to un-subscribe from the comment system any time.

This greatly helps to bring back commentators and continues the conversation chain in your blog.

Top Commentators Widget

This plugin helps to show the top commenters of your blog on the sidebar.

One of the best plugin to encourage comments in your blog because, one who comments more in your blog will get a backlink added from your sidebar. This plugin has the option-to-change the number of commentators, comment name length, excluding certain users, periodic stats resetting etc.top commentators plugin

Facebook Comments Master

If you want to integrate facebook comment system in your blog then you can go for this plugin.

With this plugin, there are more chances that your comments may go viral on facebook. When some highly influenced people writes a comment in your blog, certainly, it boosts your blog in front of more readers.

With facebook comments, your blog completely offloads itself from comment pain and becomes lite. You can also pick the number of comments to show, color theme (light/dark) etc.facebook  comment plugin


Akismet Spam Filter

One of the most common and popular WordPress plugin to fight against spam comments. You can’t simply ignore spam comments, this plugin makes the job simpler, by moving them to spam folder automatically. You could empty the spam folder on single click.

Must-have WordPress plugin.akismet comment spam control plugin

Live Comment Preview

This plugin shows a preview of the comment, real time when the commentator is typing a comment in your blog. This gives smooth live preview of the comment (shows how it will appear after posting), when somebody adds comments in your blog.

Make a note, this plugin uses javascripts.live preview comment plugin

Interactive Comment Management Plugins.

To encourage comments in your blog, instead of showing a flat model comment box, you could show an interactive widgets.

Using Disqus or Intense Debate plugins this is possible to bring in more interactive comment system to your WordPress blog.

It has lot of features on the both sides: from the admin point of view as well as from the commentators point of view.

This may slightly overload your blogs loading time and hence I am not much interested in it.Intense Debat Comment Plugin

Managing comments on your WordPress blog is not a tough job, provided you are utilizing the right plugins. There are lot more free plugins, find out which one suites your need and use it.

As of today, I am satisfied with the default comment system that comes with my Avada WordPress theme and I don’t want to unnecessarily overload the blog performance.

Lets engage readers with better comment system in our blog’s.


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  1. Rahmat - Reply

    I like your posting. Akismet is better for me, but now it doesnt work anymore, i dunno why it happened. Do u know wht should i do? Thx 🙂

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Yes, Akismet is must have – so far it had stopped 664,349 spam comments in BlashO 😉

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