“Building web sites”, one of the hottest business model on Internet right from age old days till today. With the recent advancements in content management systems had considerably reduced the amount of work involved in it. Even a novice could setup a blog and do a business around it.

Blogs are so powerful that it can back an online business towards growth and building an interactive community around your business. At the same time, you can also build only “blogs as business”. Best example being this blog where you are reading now is build like that – the model is blogging as business.

You can blog about anything you know and anything you love – however, when you see it as a business you can’t leave it as “anything”. The blog topic or what we call here as “Niche” matters a lot. The niche decides many stuffs right from identifying the problems, providing your own solution and building traffic around your site. It also decides the amount of money that you make from a niche site.

Indeed, niche sites are profit making always provided you have chosen the right niche and doing the right work. In this article, i will take you through the steps to build such niche blogs right from finding the niche to making money from that niche blog.

Nice chat on blogging (for niche blogs too)

Nice chat on blogging (for niche blogs too)

Step #1 – Find Profitable Niche.

The very first step is to find a profitable niche for your blog. This is one of the crucial step however, using the right tools you can make it possible. Basically, you have to identify where is the demand for information. When there are high demand for information on a particular topic, you can easily find more people to visit your blog. At the same time, when you are able to identify such demanding topic with less competition then that’s the gold mine. With less competition, you can easily penetrate into the market and show your blog as a top one.

Have a look on my another article, how to find niches which helps you further in detail (i don’t want to repeat the same stuffs here). To conclude, identify demanding topic with considerably less competition.

As an added note, you should also have interest on the topic you choose because you have to work (share useful information on your blog) about it.

Step #2 – Setup Your Blog.

Once you have the topic ready, you can straight away go to setup a blog using WordPress. You have to register a domain name and web hosting to store your blog content. WordPress is one of the famous content management system which is Open Source and you will find lot of free to use plugins, themes required to build a great blog. Further, it is easy to manage a blog with WordPress, you don’t need to be a technical geek.

  • The first step, picking a domain name for your blog. For niche blogs, it is good to have keywords in the domain name. For example, if you take my blog it is having the keyword “money making online” in the domain name. It is required for SEO benefits (see here).
  • Secondly, you have to host your domain on a reliable web hosting service.
  • You can take Dreamhost service and you don’t need much technical knowledge to setup your blog (you can take discounts from here).

To help you further, i am sharing you the below video on Dreamhost WordPress installation.

Once your blog is up, you can make elegant designs using free WordPress themes – there are lot of free themes on the WordPress directory. You can also search Google for “free WordPress themes” and few sites i recommend to download great themes are MagPress, theme2wp. The next step, install the required plugins to make your blog fully up.

Step #3 – Content + Value Generation.

Blogs are built around content – text, images, videos and the value of content decides the growth.

How far your blog has useful information and how far it helps the visitor decides the success.

You have to write articles on the blog topic indepth, look what people really wants in that topic. You can simply list down the problems in that topic and you can discuss them in the articles. In this way, you can attract the real visitors who are looking for information and slowly, your blog becomes a resource center on that topic.

For example, i have made this blog as a resource center for online business tips for individuals helping them towards making money online.

The demand for information matters, when there are more demand you can easily attract more visitors to your blog. With great content, search engines will become the major source of traffic especially Google. It is a slow process however, once established you can see the real power of search traffic.

Keeping search engines aside, you should focus towards adding value to the visitors every time. That’s it.

Also, learn what kind of content makes money ?

Step #4 – Monetize Effectively (with less Ads).

The interesting step is monetizing your niche blog. For all your hard work, you will be paid back soon and that depends on how effectively you are monetizing your blog. There are variety of ways and i recommend you to go through this article on how to monetize your new blog.

In short, you can promote products related to your topic and you get commission for each sale that you drive. There are lot of affiliate networks available in the market and you can join them to pick related products.

Read my another article on how to select clickbank products ? that helps you to start now.

Google Adsense is another way of monetizing your blog however, it requires lot of traffic to earn and hence to begin with you can promote products where the commission will be higher, and also you can earn more than Google Adsense. One of the hot advice from every Internet Marketer’s is that, promote products inside the content instead of showing banners or images. That means, you have link to the products so that your visitors will find it easily while reading.

When you want to earn a lot, you don’t need to put lot of Ads instead you should monetize effectively on the right place (that means, monetize within content).

Step #5 – Learn SEO.

When it comes to blogging, one of the greatest and unavoidable dependency is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in attracting search traffic especially Google which is having the major share in search industry. I recommend you to read this SEO tips from Google and also, follow their webmaster guideline’s to great extent.

Don’t over do it and don’t work too much for it, it happens naturally when you focus towards the visitor needs (considering SEO too). Keep in mind that 50% to 80% of blog traffic comes from search engines (in general).

Have social presence through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ around your blog, build an email list.

Step #6 – Rinse and Repeat.

That’s the process. You understood the basics and when you put your hands-on you will face lot of issues/confusions. You can always get help from similar people around there using web master forums like Digital Point, SitePoint, Warrior forum etc. Further, you will get solution for any WordPress problem by just searching Google.

  • Based on the availability of time and knowledge, you can follow the same steps to start another niche blog. One of the important thing is you have to keep your blog active always, so have a writing schedule and publish articles periodically on the topic.
  • You can read my another article on how to schedule your blog posts which helps to better manage your time and efforts.

Step #7 – Build a Niche Product.

Finally, once your blog starts growing and you are seeing income, you can focus on the future. You can build your own product related to your blog.

For example, if you are blogging about web apps, you can release your own web application for sale Or if you are blogging about cooking, you can release your own cooking guide for sale.

This way, you could build a reputation in the market and people see your blog as a great resource center, this actually builds Trust and they do come back again n again.

Money rolls in every day….

This is a slow process however based on the right effort you put, the amount of time you spend for a blog and the blog topic – decides the rapidness of growth and income….always have a simple plan and stick to it.

You also learn how to brand your blog and market it to great extent.

Good Luck !



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