WordPressAffiliate marketing is one of the best methods to make money from your blog. It is true that many of the successful bloggers are making huge out of their blog especially by selling digital products. There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog, however when it comes to WordPress based blogs there are handy plugins (free-to-use) that helps to manage your blog income. You can run banner ads on your blog or even insert Affiliate Links inside your blog post. In both the cases, you aim to send your visitors to an affiliate page.

However, it is also true that links added inside the blog post convert better than simply putting a banner ad in the sidebar because Affiliate Links inside blog post will be contextual to the content. Hence, your visitor automatically feels-to-click on the Affiliate Link and more chances of getting a sale.

In this article, I will list down the best + free affiliate WordPress plugins that are available in the market and few of them I have also tried in my blogs.

You can choose one according to your need.

#1 – AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

AffiLinker is my own product and I developed it with all the problems of bloggers in mind. You can quickly monetize your WordPress blog by converting keywords into Affiliate Link with one step further, you can customize each Affiliate Link with a unique style.

You can also easily track the performance of the keywords and make your visitors better, to click on affiliate links.

Download AffiLinker here.

The following video quickly shows all the features of this AffiLinker.

#2 – CBPress from Clickbank.

The official WordPress plugin from Clickbank used to build your own affiliate marketplace. It has the option to import the products or categories directly from Clickbank (as XML feed).

This plugin helps you especially, if you are having a niche blog and instantly if you want to setup an affiliate store along with that blog. You can just send visitors to your store and if they purchase any product through your Affiliate Link, you will be paid by Clickbank as usual.

Download CbPress here.

#3 – Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer.

The idea of this plugin is to automatically convert any Amazon.com link into your Amazon Affiliate Link.

Secondly, it has the capability to find out the geographical location of the visitor and it embeds Affiliate Link corresponding.

For example, if your visitor is from the UK, it adds Amazon.co.uk’s Affiliate Link. If you are owning Amazon niche blogs then you can consider this plugin.

Note: This Plugin is no longer active, you can check the complete list of Amazon WordPress Plugins if you are more serious about it.

#4 – Affiliates WordPress Plugin.

This is a handy plugin to manage multiple affiliate programs and I find the link tracking feature of this plugin is good, it shows as a graph. If you are using the eCommerce Plugins like WooCommerce, Jigoshop for WordPress then this Affiliates Plugin works along with them to manage better in tracking. There are extensions to this plugin also available but as a paid version.

Download Affiliates


#5 – iTunes Link Engine.

This is App era, if you are already running an iPhone App review site then you must need this plugin. With this plugin, you can simply embed App store Affiliate Link for any App that is available in the Apple Store. The options are very minimal and easy-to-use.

Download iTunes Link Engine.

#6 – Coupon Code Plugin.

If you are running a coupon code blog then you can use this plugin to insert coupon codes. With this coupon code plugin, the codes are hidden and when your visitor clicks on it, it copies the coupon code to clipboard + it takes the visitor to the sale page via your Affiliate Link. Hence, there are no chances of losing your commission.

You can download the free version.

Watch the below demo.

#7 – Amazon Product In a Post.

As the name says, this plugin helps to add Amazon product information into your blog posts. You don’t need to fill the product information manually, all you have to give the ASIN id and it fetches the complete product information.

To make this plugin work, you have to sign up for AWS key from Amazon (that’s free to get) and configure the plugin.

But i recommend, not to use this plugin especially, if you are more dependent on search engine traffic because the product information that you embed in your blog posts will be a duplicated content across blogs that uses this plugin (for the same product), keep this in mind.

However, you can give a try from here.

These are the quick list of 7 free Affiliate WordPress Plugins that helps you to monetize your blog. There are a lot of ways to effectively monetize your blog however, you should do it search engine friendly as well as user-friendly (without overloading Affiliate Links).

Hence, I recommend you to use the AffiLinker plugin that’s developed with SEO mind because Affiliate Links are search engine friendly. Secondly, it has options to take maximum control on Affiliate Link placement + you can increase your Affiliate blog income instantly.

Good Luck.



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  1. Thanks for including the iTunes Link Engine in your list!

    You might also find that our Amazon Link Engine is simpler to use and more powerful version of the “Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer” that you have as #3.

    Thanks again!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Thanks for referring to a new Amazon plugin.

  2. Alice - Reply

    I’d like adding one more plugin in this list. Xenia Plugin allows you to add thousands of Amazon products to WordPress store quickly and easily. The Plugin will put your Amazon Associate Program ID in all links back to Amazon, so you get commissions for all sales referred to Amazon. Owing to the fact that Xenia plugin can generate thousands of products, you get a lot of pages on your site which get ranked on search engines with the help of so called long tail keywords.
    If you want more information I advise you to join Amazon Affiliate.club! You will find a lot of tips about building your affiliate store.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Thanks for recommending Xenia plugin. However, I don’t find a free version on the WordPress official directory.

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing post about Niche Sites.

    I am working on one and i will definitely follow your tips.

    I hope my Niche Site project will get some success.

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