Starting a new web site is a great idea that you have taken today. Interestingly, you are looking for ideas and ideas are the base for any business success. Without a great idea, you could not build a successful web site.

Every big business starts with a simple idea and in fact giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter were all started from a simple idea.

Long back, I published an article on 9 New website ideas where I discussed about 9 innovative ideas….just a recap here !

  • Trending Topics Are Meant For Profits.
  • Discussion Forums (on future hot topics) That Grows By Itself.
  • Simply, Build Niche Websites.
  • Web store To Sell Android/iPhone/Tablet Apps On Focused Market.
  • Amazon Product Website – Still it works !
  • Simple Problem Solving Utility Websites.
  • Social Media Application Sites.
  • The market for Health Care – Still it works !
  • Always Think, “Outside of Box”.

This time, I want to extend with 6 more ideas that help you start your new website in the year 2018 and beyond.

It is always true that “demand” is the backbone. Where there is a demand, you can establish a great business in that market.

We are in App era so any web based business you setup, you can launch a corresponding Android/iOS App for it.

Okay, let’s get into the idea list…they-are-working-for-new-websites

Pinterest Tools/Blogs.

In the list of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – the new addition is Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing new social network web site and they already have millions of visitors a month.

You know Facebook, Twitter are having the large social market share and there are a lot of tools, blogs in these markets. The future will be Pinterest, Google+ occupying the remaining share or even they may grow over than Twitter or Facebook.

The idea is to…

  • Start a web site related to Pinterest, you can develop a tool that helps to grow Pinterest followers, get more re-pins etc.
  • Or simply, you can create a marketing blog to share about marketing advice on Pinterest.
  • You can also create an information product related to the Pinterest social network.

This is the right time to get into Pinterest business, go ahead…

Cloud Hosting Reseller Website.

Cloud based hosting/storage web sites are already popular on the web. The market is really big that you can penetrate deeper.

  • To simply begin, you can become a reseller for a cloud hosting company. Say, Rackspace is having a reseller program you can even join there.
  • Secondly, you can also attach a blog related to cloud technology to your reseller site and share tips, news, updates on cloud hosting as well as storage providers.

With a reseller web site, you can really build a great web site that can even bring you six-figure income.

Q&A Websites on Trending Topics.

Q&A websites are always popular on Internet same like forums, they are even more popular than forum. The best example is Stackoverflow which is a Q&A based site dedicated to software developers.

  • Interestingly, if you see Stackoverflow’s business model, they have a lot of Q&A web sites (as of today around 70+ Q&A websites on various topics), check stack exchange here.
  • The idea is to setup a Q&A web site on a trending topic, all you need to bring up the audience that takes time. If you own a blog, you can also install a Q&A web site to it, there are a lot of WordPress plugins available – use Q&A plugin to make a trial and then go for some premium plugins later.

App Business Website.

As I discussed in the earlier article, App related businesses are already in a fast phase. If you get even a simple idea, you can get into the business. There are a lot of opportunities on both sides I mean, iOS as well as Android markets.

  • You can simply launch an App on both the markets and get into a repeat mode of development. I mean release new Apps continuously – this way you can really generate big revenue – all you need the right idea that should attract the user to download your App from the store. More on App Ideas – or else you can bring up one solid idea and develop an App for it.
  • On the other hand, you can start an App review blog and write about apps, slowly you can turn that blog into an App Store. I take time however, once established the returns are great as the market is very bigger.

Coupon Code Website.

There are a lot of coupon code web sites and even then most of the markets are left out freely. The returns are huge in this market that you don’t need to setup a hard business, all you have to find the right people and make them use your coupons.

  • Find out a market that doesn’t have a coupon site and fill the gap in market.
  • You can also setup a location-based coupon site say, focusing your own local area.

Coupon sites are always profitable irrespective of the economic condition and earn you as long as people are spending money in this world.

You can easily setup using a Coupon theme like Coupon XL.

Forex Trading Website – Still it is working !

Looks like a very old topic but many successful marketers are making a living out of forex trading.

Recently, I found a case study which shows how a blogger makes $10K per month from his network of forex web sites. There are interesting facts in that article and also, they have shared forex web sites taken for case study. You can also follow the same strategy and setup a web site to offer forex trading tips or you can just write about how to do profitable forex trading.

  • The reason I am suggesting this topic, there are a lot of products to promote in this market. With the gain in experience, you can also release your own forexbot that makes you money for the lifetime, guaranteed.
  • One setup further, you can also cover topics towards equity market by giving ideas for equity investment or even ideas for equity trading.


There are lot more website ideas to make money that I can share you today, these are few of the major ideas that really works.

The very first step is to bring an idea for your business and then, the real work starts afterwards.

I have seen lot of people who just speak ideas but when it comes to actual work they won’t do it…don’t be like that.

  • Without doing any work, you could not bring a business up to the heights.
  • It takes time and you have to apply the right strategies every time so that you can grow faster and make money for the long term.
  • Always be focused on what you want to do and never get distracted from your focus. Being focused on your new ideas is the key to success.

I hope all these ideas are helpful at least you would have got some ideas to think more…Good luck !

Now what is your web site idea ? your idea wins or fails ?

Leave a comment below….



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  1. I think the Coupon Website idea for local would work wonders!

    • Yes Amit, the reason being people will use coupons before buying (that means definitely commission) ! Thanks for your comment, see you back.

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    Mr. Ven I encourage you to check out my first venture at a website at ExclusiveTonight.Com, a nationwide database of local events that continues along the line of bringing people together, but in a physical aspect.


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