Getting a lot of people to contribute guest posts to your blog can be very advantageous as a blogger. First, it is a sign to your readers that you have an active community people want to be a part of. It also makes it easy for you to update your blog and keep your content schedule intact should you be sick or should you decide to go on a vacation. Getting a lot of people to write guest posts on your blog also helps introduce a new voice and perspective on your blog, and as a result, you will be able to increase the chances of your blog becoming a quick success.

Getting people to contribute guest posts to your blog isn’t always easy, though, but if you have the right approach you can easily turn your blog from a blog with no guest bloggers to a blog everyone wants to guest post on. This article will be giving you a few tips on how to attract guest bloggers to your blog.

Create a Dedicated Page for Guest Blogging

The first step you should take when you want a lot of people to write for your blog is to create a page on your blog dedicated to inviting guest bloggers to your blog. This page should be telling people what they will get from writing for you and what they should write about. Displaying your stats on this page (if you get a lot of visitors to your blog) can also increase the chances of you attracting a lot of quality visitors to contribute to your blog.

Once you have created a guest blogging dedicated page on your blog you should then work hard on marketing that page, promoting it on your blog posts, and then sending it to your email list so as to get a lot of people to write for your blog.

Look for Cool Ways to Reward Guest Bloggers

You can also quadruple the chances of people wanting to write for your blog by being creative with the way you reward guest bloggers. It is important to always allow guest bloggers to be able to gain backlinks from their guest posts.

You might also want to be promoting their guest posts to your social media sites and to your list, and if you can afford it, paying people to write guest posts for your blog will also increase the chances of the results they will get.

Always Work on Making Sure Your Blog is Beneficial to Guest Bloggers

The final way to make sure a lot of people are willing to contribute to your blog is to work on making sure your blog is beneficial to guest bloggers.

  • By this, I mean you should work on marketing your blog and each guest post submitted regularly, thanking each guest blogger every month, promoting every guest post submitted massively and even linking to your guest bloggers in future articles.

Show Recent Guest Posts In Sidebar/Footer

Another innovative way to attract guest bloggers to your blog, show the list of recent guest articles written by guest authors in the sidebar or footer. The recent guest article gets linked from all the pages of your blog and it attracts more readers to the guest article.

Naturally, this tells every one coming to your blog that you are giving importance to guest bloggers and also, it shows people are already writing for your blog. This triggers the visitor to publish his/her first guest article in your blog and slowly, you will get number of guest authors naturally.

Have a look on PHP code snippet mentioned in another article on how to show recent guest posts ?

Conduct Guest Blogging Contest

You could announce a guest blogging contest in your blog. This is one of the powerful method to attract guest bloggers because people love contests for 2 reasons: to create maximum exposure to their own blogs and to win prizes.

When your blog is in growing stage, you can find other bloggers in your niche as partners to jointly promote the contest. This helps your blog as well as the partners blog to attract more guest bloggers.

Finding sponsors to your contest is not really a tough job, you can spend money from your own pocket, ask for sponsors from related forums or directly contact the product owners in your niche for sponsorship. Definitely, you have to hardly promote the contest – the more you promote and offer cool prizes, you will get more guest authors.

Welcome to guest bloggers

Welcome to guest bloggers


To be more clear on this topic, lets summarize what we discussed:

  • Having guest bloggers helps to keep your posting frequency in schedule.
  • It gives a new voice and shares new ideas on the topic.
  • Go and create a promo page – explaining the guest blogging guidelines, expectations and the advantages.
  • Attract related people to the promo page, linking from wherever possible.
  • Reward guest bloggers with backlinks and targeted traffic.
  • Make sure you are promoting guest bloggers article in your own blog.
  • Shall display the list of recent guest posts in the sidebar or footer.
  • Conduct a guest blogging contest and giveaway cool prizes.

While all these take some time and effort, doing them can mean the difference between your blog getting no guest bloggers or getting more guest bloggers than you can handle.



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