Nice blogs are meant for making huge earnings from affiliate marketing. This may not happen suddenly, but definitely it’s worth to invest your time and money for a niche blog.

  • For those who don’t know, niche blogs are blogs which cover a very narrow/specific topic. Example: A blog about “Dog Belts”.

Out of the many ways to make money, affiliate marketing is the best-suited model of income for a niche blog. Yes, you could sell a good number of products related to your niche. With the very basic need of driving huge targeted traffic. This article is for those who are running a niche blog and looking to increase their earnings.profits

Search Engine Traffic.

Search Engines are the major source of targeted visitors. Because many of the Internet users are information seekers or buyers. People need valuable information and they want a solution for their problems.

If your niche blog is one which solves the visitor problem (by referring a quality product/software), you could easily drive more sales.

Writing Informative Product Reviews.


It’s a well know to all Internet marketers that writing a product review drives more buyer traffic to the blog. The best of this technique is writing informative product reviews.

  • An informative product review is the one which tells both positives and negatives of the product.

Share the information frankly about the product, this way you gain trust from the visitor. You know only trusted visitors will open their wallet ๐Ÿ™‚

Running Banner/Private Ads.

Niche blogs, when getting more traffic you could easily monetize it through banner ads.

Here is a list of websites to sell private ads space, have a look. Number of Pageviews, your blog’s Google PageRank update, Alexa Rank, Number of Subscribers are few of the important factors considered in selling your ad space.

Product Comparison Blog Posts.

Another way to attract the visitors: publish articles which compare the various products in your niche and its features.

This kind of article really helps the visitors to understand more about the products and to quickly take a buying decision.

Utilizing Plugins/Tools.

There are plenty of free to use plugins (for WordPress blogs) and tools available on Internet. Do a bit of research and utilize them well.

Simple example, there are a good number of plugins to quickly add affiliate links to your blog (which converts keywords into affiliate links automatically).

The following articles may help you to pick one:


The success of your niche blog and its affiliate earning stands mainly on:

  • the quality of information that you share about products
  • the volume of quality traffic coming from search engines &
  • how well you monetize your blog?

Few external references on niche blog earnings:


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