Keeping your facebook page and Twitter profile active, is one of the important work for a blogger or a business. This keeps the followers, fans active and also, shows that you are active in your business.

One of the important update to your social page is the new blog posts.

Whenever you publish a new blog post, it is good to share it with your fans and followers. Doing this manually is a painful and hard job. Generally, I don’t prefer to keep watching the social pages

There comes the automated ways to make it happen.

There are tools and plugins (free only) using that you can quickly schedule automatic posts for your facebook page as well as for your Twitter profile. All you have to just configure the tool to do the work for you. Whenever, you publish a new blog post, it automatically appears on the facebook fan page and also, on your Twitter profile.

To set it up for my blog, I explored many tools and finally, found these are the best free tools that can save you lot of time.

Lets get into the list and quickly understand, how it helps to save your time.

#1 – Hootsuite, Social Media Management Tool.

Hootsuite is one of the advanced tool available on the market. It has lot of features that you can just signing in to it and stay live on all social networks.

Once you link your social profiles, you can manage everything from Hootsuite’s dashboard. You don’t need to individually login to facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Login into Hootsuite and manage everything from there.hootsuite-automatic-posting-to-social-media

You can also configure your “blog feed” on Hootsuite and it automatically looks for new blog posts. Whenever there is a new blog post, it automatically posts it to your facebook fan page or tweets that on your Twitter profile.

The free version of Hootsuite has lot of limitations and you can just configure one feed only. Here in BlashO, I am using Hootsuite to post my new blog posts automatically to my facebook fan page.

If you are ready to spend, you can go for the pro version. Otherwise, stick-to-free version (if you have only one blog) or else, go for the next tool IFTTT.

#2 – IFTTT, Connect the Apps.

One of the best tool and my favourite one today.

Its fully free.

IFTTT is nothing else, IF “This” Then “That”.

  • IF “new blog post” Then “Post it on Facebook page”.
  • IF “new blog post” Then “Tweet it on Twitter”.

I am using it to send tweets whenever a new blog post is published.

I will be moving fully to IFTTT from Hootsuite soon.ifttt-for-posting

Its easy to configure and the interface is easy to understand.

As always, keep it simple.

IFTTT is simple too.

Not only with facebook, Twitter – IFTTT has bunch of tools including Gmail, Calendars, EverNote etc. (there are 199+ different channels) where you can configure events and actions.

#3 – NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster.

This is a WordPress plugin. You have to setup the plugin with the Title Format, Message Format and where to post the new blog posts. It supports most of the important social apps including: facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

The Pro-Version supports multiple social accounts and also, you can schedule it to post automatic updates on later time.

I hope, the free version will be suitable for your blog.nextscripts-wordpress-plugin

#4 – Facebook Auto Publish.

Yet another WordPress plugin to automatically post updates on your facebook fan page. This is one of the simplest plugin made for facebook only. You can configure the format of the message, to include your blog post category etc. You can also customize to include/exclude certain categories from auto posting.

If you are looking for simple-to-use facebook only feature then you can go for this free plugin.facebook-auto-publish-options

#5 – Buffer.

Yet another social media management tool. It has free plan as well as pro-plans. With the free individual plan, you can connect to only one of each social networks. For example, you can connect it to work with one facebook page, one Twitter profile only. Also, you can only make 100 posts with the free plan.

It tried using, I personally don’t like the interface, when compared to other tools like Hootsuite or IFTTT.

However, you can get a try if you are interested in it.


There are lot more tools and WordPress plugins available in the market that can save time + save work. However, when it comes to free usage many of these fancy tool shows their limitation. Currently, I am using Hootsuite and IFTTT.

I am planning to fully move my social postings to IFTTT sooner. I like the interface of IFTTT, its simple and easy to use. You can do many creative stuffs automatically using IFTTT.

If you personally ask me, which tools to use?

I recommend to go for IFTTT only.

What tool you are using? How it helps you with social postings?


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.

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