Blogging is one of the profitable online business and there are many people living great life by just doing blogging as a business. Anyone can own a blog, that’s simple. However, the purpose of blogging matters. You can do it as a hobby or you can also do it as a serious business. It depends on individuals expectations.

When you are doing seriously as a business, there are lot of opportunities for a blog to grow depending on the market, the demand and the competition. Until 1 or 2 years back, there are not much risk factors in this blogging market but today the rate of new blogs and volume of content generated every day leads to bring a lot of changes in the blogging market.

Basically, the blogging market is so dynamic that the strategies that you employ today may not work out tomorrow at-most cases. You have to go along with the market, with web 2.0 capabilities and social network influence there are lot of changes in the blogging market that directly or indirectly affects your business.

#1 – SEO, Literally The Major Risk Factor.

The very first and major risk factor is SEO.

As the industry explodes every day with lot of content and tonnes of web sites, it is a tough process for search engines to identify the best results to make its users happy. The end result, search engines especially Google employed lot of changes in the name of quality improvement. This directly affected lot of web sites, hope you all know about the periodic Google Panda updates.

Most of the blogs are affected by this and many lost their business. With so many rumors and recovery steps, many bloggers are still cracking their head for recovery. Most are helpless because there are no control over search engines by bloggers, you have to go by what happens to your blog. Even many of the famous blogs faced traffic drop and that’s really a bad business situation.

My point here is: you don’t have great control over SEO because search engines are the major source of traffic for a blog. Without search engine traffic, your blog is almost dead and “leads to no business”.

If your SEO strategy doesn’t work, you will loose your blog in a day or two – hence blogging is a Risky business.

#2 – Blogging is a Slow Process.

It’s a well known fact blogging is a slow process, few of the reasons being:

  • you have to generate lot of interesting content
  • you have to really help your readers every time
  • you have to target your audience every time
  • you have to build loyal readers to your blog
  • you have to build an information rich blog
  • you have to create a blog brand
  • you have to integrate social network tools
  • you have to be active in social network tools
  • you have to market your blog to great extent
  • you have to drive a lot of blog traffic
  • you have to experiment with SEO
  • you have to experiment a lot with monetization
  • you have to wait for income
  • you have to wait for results
  • you have to be patience
  • finally, you have to really work a lot !

These are the quick list of reasons which proves blogging is a slow process that i could think instantly – if i sit down and think, i can tell you 100 more reasons.

Unless, you have employees or assistants to handle all these task you could not do all these single handed. Hence blogging is a Risky business.

#3 – There are Technical Mess up’s.

With tools like WordPress, blogging is simpler. Even a non-technical person can operate a blog, however there are situations where you need technical skills. Say, if your blog is hacked or crashed because of configurations/some coding errors, you will be end up into trouble.

Definitely, you have to be dependent on other people. It’s part of business but some times you may really be in trouble (when you are owning a grown up blog). Unless you properly manage and have resources to handle technical aspects of your blog, you could not survey in this business.

Simply, If you are not prepared for technical mess up’s you are in big trouble.

You may loose your blog in minutes but “you built that blog for years” ๐Ÿ™‚ think how risky blogging is !

Hence blogging is a Risky business.

#4 – No Work No Results.

Blogging is a push model business…

That means, when you work you get results and when you don’t work you won’t get results. You might have heard that “blog earns even while you sleep” but that’s not always true. You have to do lot of background work so that it earns in autopilot for a while and goes back to idle mode…hence have to be active every day in the business and push your blog with new strategies every time.

Sometimes, what works today may not work tomorrow and it varies from market-to-market. Hence you should be ready to experiment stuff’s and you have to find out the right tool’s to make it work.

One good example is “building a product around your blog”, the result varies from market-to-market and heavily dependent on the market demand – basically, you should be ready to work a lot based on market conditions – otherwise, no positive results. Hence blogging is a Risky business.

#5 – Blogging Requires Dedication.

Finally, blogging requires dedication and if you are “blogging as business” you have to consider that as a real business. Most of the people don’t feel it like a real business because they may be having an alternative source of income in life. In either cases, you have to work with dedication and you should consistently work to grow your blog by adding new useful blog posts every day or more frequently.

I would say, this is a personal issue and depends on the blogger, the risk varies. If you don’t work with dedication, blogging is a Risky business for you.


These are the 5 major reasons which proves that blogging is a risky business that i could think out. Even with all these risk factors at place, you can still run a profitable blogging business by:

  • Playing SEO wisely by helping readers and driving a lot of alternate traffic sources
  • Investing lot of time+money to make the blogging process faster/rapid
  • Preparing for all technical mess up’s in advance
  • Doing smart work every day for blog growth, having a plan (long term, short term both)
  • Pushing your blog with dedication from all aspects…

Now decide yourself, whether blogging is a suitable business model for you or not…

If you are ready to dive deeper go back to your blogging business – otherwise, quit now itself and save your valuable time !

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  1. Sureshmania - Reply

    You have shared a good info…

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your comment suresh, see you back.

  2. Hung Le | BlogToEarnMoney - Reply

    Great article share! Good to see you mention the importance of SEO for blogging. Too many new bloggers think blogging is as easy as just ‘setting up a blog and readers will come’. No.#5 definitely explains the no.1 reason why so many bloggers fail – they lack dedication and tend to give up over a short period of time (i.e. 2-3 months).

    Keep up the good work Mr. Ven!

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your comment Hung Le. Definitely, readers will not come and see the blog automatically…we have to push it at least in the earlier stage of blogging. However, once grown we should also work to keep the traffic and that made me to think of the blogging risks….See you back.

  3. Mikey | Finance Courses - Reply

    As a potential new blogger this was a most interesting piece to read. I guess I would have gone into it thinking I had something unique and valuable to say and that the blog would therefore have ‘gone viral’, negating the need for search engine rankings. It’s simple human nature that we think we are special, but your objective piece shows me that it’s a simple case of hope versus reality. BTW, if you’ve written 512 articles (on this website) does that make you a blogger, one of the successful types?

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Nice to see your comment Mikey, it all depends on how we strategize our blogging journey…risks are there in every work. Not really the article count matters, there are many successful bloggers who reached heights with less number too….Thanks.

  4. Muhammad Jahid Hasan - Reply

    Great info,Ven. you always share nice post. thanks.

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