Blogging is always fun.

You may blog for so many reasons: to share your knowledge to others, to achieve your online goals, to spend your time well etc. You can blog personally or even to run a business around your blog.

You get the full freedom-to-blog.

When it comes to blogging platforms, there are lot available in the market. Most of the beginners, choose the free platforms like: Blogger, Weebly etc.

Even I also started with Blogger platform only, as I wanted to create a blog free-of-cost.

Later things changed, when I got my Blogger account suspended and then realized the power of open source platform WordPress. You can read my story here.

From my experience, I always suggest beginners to create their blog using WordPress platform only. It has lot of advantages in terms of creation, maintenance as well as technical stuffs, when compared to other so called “free” platforms.

In this article, I will outline those important reasons why a beginner should create blog using (and not with any free blogging platforms).

1) Your Blog Stands with Its Own Name.

get-own-domain-nameWhen you setup your blog using WordPress, your blog get its own name (domain name). You will be the proud owner of Your blog feels a brand. People speak about your blog by its name.

Whereas, if you host with free platforms – your blog name looks junk something like: Imagine, how others may remember your blog name.

2) You Own All Your Blog Content.

When you are self-hosted using WordPress, you own 100% all the blog content. All the text, images, videos, pages that you post in your blog are all owned by you only. You can write whatever you want and do whatever you want with your blog content. No one will ask you, why?

Whereas, when you are in free hosted platform, there will be content restrictions and you are not allowed to publish about certain topics. That’s where the real freedom of your blog comes into picture with WordPress.

3) No Blog Suspension, Be Your Own Boss.

When you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, there are no moderators to validate your content. There are no reviewers to check what type of content you are posting in your blog. And there’s no one to suspend your blog from this world. I can write: xyz here and abcd there.

I am the own boss here, I operate the blog to my convenient and I gear shift the blog into a big business.i-am-my-own-boss

4) Turn Your Blog Into Anything You Want.

turn-into-businessYou can turn your WordPress blog into anything you want. You can turn it into a web design company or any kind of online business you want.

WordPress has the flexibility to “Turn”. There are lot of bloggers who had turned their personal blog into a consulting company or a web publishing company or even a product based company.

5) You Get the Power of Themes & Plugins.

When it comes to web design, you must need coding knowledge. You have to touch the source code or you need to hire developers. However, when you use WordPress there are lot of themes and plugins to make the web designing work simpler. The directory has lot of free themes and plugins as well as premium ones from industries leading developers.

In fact, I am using a ready-to-use WordPress theme Avada and you won’t believe, I didn’t even touch any source code to make this design.web-design-easy

These are few of the reasons to use WordPress, if you are starting with blogs.

Hope you have read my story, I wasted all my 8 months of hard-work with a free blogging platform.

That’s why I created BlashO and outlined all the steps to create your first blog here. You can simply follow my steps and achieve your blogging goals at the earliest.

Don’t lose your hard work, like me.

What blogging platform you have chosen ? and Why ?


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


  1. WordPress is most used CMS on Web and it is very user friendly.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      That’s right. Based on the usage statistics data collected by W3Tech, about 60% of the CMS market share is with WordPress.

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