Guest blogging is one of the best method of blog promotion which has the power to inherit new audience to your blog. At the same time, as a blogger when you are allowing guest posts in your blog, it creates more chances that you could grow your blog faster.

Recently, we discussed the reasons to allow guest post in your blog and i clearly mentioned that: guest blogging helps in publishing more content to your blog as well as it creates a brand value and increases overall traffic. However, when you think from another angle, like the reasons for not allowing guest authors, there are definitely serious points to discuss.

No !When your blog reaches certain level of popularity and depends on the market, you will get request for publishing guest posts. In most cases on a crowded niche like “money making online”, many of the guest authors are “Link Builders”. I don’t blame all….

As a result, there are high possibility that your blog will loose its authority. Yes, this happens not immediately and going forward, your blog could loose its authority.

In this article, i will take you those reasons and discuss those positive sides of not allowing guest authors and will conclude whether allowing guest authors is good or bad.

May Go Off-Topic.

The success of your blog for the long term depends on its topic/market. The demand for information and how well you are supplying with useful information decides the success. I mean, what you write and how it reaches to people decides the traffic.

When you are solving real problems, people do visit your blog every time. Basically, you have to serve them with solutions on a particular topic. This way, when you started focusing on a specific market, your blog will become a resource center. Alternatively, if you are writing about everything – your blog will get scattered and it goes off-topic every time.

When you are allowing guest posts, there are chances that your guest writer may take your blog off-topic. Hence you need to highly control or filter the guest articles on topic.

End-Up Linking To Low Quality Links.

As i mentioned earlier, many of the guest authors are link builders.

With the intention to increase PageRank and to increase Google authority, many people are doing guest blogging. When you are allowing guest authors to write, there are high possibilities that your blog ends up in linking to low quality links.

You may get quality content from the guest author with few links pointing to his scrap site. In SEO, neighbors (to whom you are linking) are important and it plays a major role in on-page SEO.

Always check, what are all the URLs linked from your guest post and make sure you are linking to good neighbors every time.

Its Your Personal Blog.

Yes, it is quite common that we don’t allow others to write on personal blogs. If your blog is too much of personal then also, you don’t allow guest authors to write. Anyway personal blogs are personal only – nothing to discuss.

You Need More Time.

Opening guest authors in your blog is not a easy task provided you are not cared much about the quality of guest posts. Unless you are a popular blog, you will end up with “link builders” only.

I mean, most of the guest writers are focused towards building link to their sites they are not cared much about readers. This way, you will end up reviewing useless articles which are submitted for link building purpose and you will loose your time.

But You Write Guest Post….

The conclusion is that: if you are allowing guest authors make sure you are accepting quality guest articles and it is good to allow guest authors.

Finally, either you don’t allow guest authors or not, you could write guest post in other blogs.

It has advantages that you could quickly bring in new audience to your blog. To mention, i am accepting guest authors in this blog. Check the Guest post guidelines, register to this blog and submit quality guest articles any time.

I will accept guest articles on topics related to blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing and any thing related to online business + money making from it.

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