A lot of webmasters nowadays are prepared to accept guest post on their sites without paying attention to the dangers that may be associated with this action. Indeed if you are not careful there are some problems that may arise and in the long run ruin the reputation of your blog.

In this article, I will be covering 5 dangers that may be associated with guest post and hope that it will be useful to help you take the best decision on whether to accept guest post on your site.

Damages Your Blog Image

The first problem that may arise with guest posting is that it can damage your blog image. Indeed your visitors are used to a certain type of writing and articles and accepting all kind of post on your blog can cause to become alienated. It is important that you think about this issue before accepting guest post on your site.here is a dangerous way, watch before you go...

  • One solution for this problem will be for you to spend time sieving through the different articles to make sure that it fit your blog. But this can be a really time consuming task especially if you are the only person running your blog.

Poor Content (written for backlinks)

Another problem is that there are some bloggers that will not hesitate to submit poor blog post. Indeed these people are more concerned about backlinks and will just submit some crap content.

How many times I have received articles for my own blogs that haven’t been spell checked? Again this can cause problems for your regular readers if you are not careful.

  • Again the solution will be for you to spend time making corrections and changes to make sure that the articles are a good fit for your site.

Irrelevant Articles (outside blog topic)

Sometimes bloggers will send well-written article but unfortunately not related to the topic of your site. Often the temptation will be great for you to accept these articles which will in the long run damage the reputation of your blog.

Indeed you will end up destroying your blog purpose and this can make you lose your regular visitors.

Duplicate Content (negative SEO)

Worst of all is the fact that bloggers may send in some duplicate content that will surely damage the reputation of your blog.

This is especially important after the Google Panda update where the search giant frown upon any kind of duplicate content.

Not only will you be losing some visitors because of the lack of originality in your content you may end up losing your ranking with the search engines.

  • If you are really interested about accepting guest post on your site it is important that you check each and every article with Copyscape to make sure that they are not present over the internet.
  • I agree with you that this may be a time-consuming task but this can be the only way that you could reap maximum benefits with guest posting.

Article Directory (it looks like)

Accepting all kind of blog posts on your blog can turn your blog into an article directory site in no time. It is important that you pay special attention to the quality of the articles that are published on your blog and make sure that they are a really good fit for your blog. As mentioned above having all kind of irrelevant junk on your site can cause a decline in your number of visitors and destroy all your hard work.

This is where having a clear guest blogging guideline might be useful. Make sure that you post the guest posting requirements and make it as clear as possible for guest bloggers to understand what kind of blog posts will be accepted.

Lets summarize the dangers of accepting guest posts in your site:

  • Guest posts may kill your readers interest, when more number of authors are writing in different views/styles. The solution is to examine each and every blog post, to make sure it fits your readers interest.
  • Most bloggers are writing guest post for the sole purpose of creating backlinks and they end up submitting poor content. This definitely wastes your time and you have to moderate strictly every time.
  • Being “on topic” is more important for a blog growth, you may get guest posts outside the scope of your blog topic. In that case, you may end up rejecting great articles because of the reason they are not aligned to your blog topic.
  • You may end up approving a duplicate article submitted by Lazy people which kills your blog authority with search engines. You get additional task here, to check originality of the content before your publish.
  • And all above, when you are submitting variety of guest articles, your site looks like an article directory than information rich blog.

However, when you are doing strict moderation and making sure that guest articles are adding value to your readers every time – you can avoid all these dangers and get benefits from guest authors.

Guest posting has indeed some interesting benefits for your site but you should really be careful about the type of blog post that you accept. Indeed accepting all kind of guest posts can end up damaging the reputation of your blog and destroying your blog image.



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