Twitter is one of the fast growing social platforms today. It has 650+ million registered users and on average 58+ million Tweets are happening every day. Hence for our blog, we should not ignore Twitter. We can also bring a share of users to our blog.

WordPress has plenty of plugins that can quickly help to tweeterize your blog. You may be already having a Twitter share button in your blog. Apart from the basic thing, you can also show Twitter related widgets/popup’s to encourage more Tweets.

All these may lead to more traffic from Twitter.

When I explored the WordPress directory, there are 1000+ plugins already available that are related to Twitter. However, many of them are useless or may not be really helpful to bring Twitter traffic.

Hence, I explored further to find out these best plugins that can help you to encourage more Tweets and increases your blog traffic.

1. Click To Tweet

One of the must-have WordPress plugins which shows cute Tweet box inside your blog post.

Using the shortcode you can easily embed Tweet texts and there are no limitations, you can create as many Tweet boxes you like.

I am using this plugin for BlashO and it is really a helpful tool to encourage more Tweets.

[Tweet “Who else want to Instantly Increase #Twitter Traffic to your #blog using FREE Plugins?”]

You can embed this box directly from your WordPress blog post editor. All you have to click that Tweet icon, enter Tweet text and click “ok”.Tweet Box inside Blog Post

2. Tweet This

Yet another plugin to embed Tweet text inside your blog posts, pages. This also has shortcodes to insert Tweet texts. You can customize the color of the Tweet box and also, choose the Twitter icon.

With Tweet This, you can set up a hidden URL or even a hidden hashtag that won’t appear on the Tweet box. However, when someone Tweets, the hidden tag/URL appears. That’s the magic.

Hidden hashtag is a great feature that can quickly create attention to your Tweets on Twitter. Hence the possibility of getting more blog traffic.options for Tweet This

3. Revive Old Post

This is a great plugin to automatically Tweet your old blog posts.

In general, the new blog posts are shared immediately (automatically) after publishing and later, it’s all left to your readers. Most of the time, we won’t share those old blog posts on Twitter.

That’s the problem.

This plugins gives the perfect solution, you can schedule the Tweet frequency (may be based on Twitter traffic time of day), exclude certain categories, exclude certain blog posts etc.

Once configured, this plugin automatically Tweets your blog posts and hence more chances of getting traffic from Twitter.

A must have WordPress plugin for your blog especially if you are not much active with your Twitter account.

Watch the below video for the free demo.

4. Tweet Prompt Box

As the name says, this plugin shows a prompt box (popup) that appears on the bottom corner of your blog asking for the reader to Tweet.

You can choose a light theme or a dark theme and also, make this plugin use short links instead of original blog post-URLs.

Tweet Prompt Box is a simple + responsive plugin and the box correctly fits for the mobile screens. Hence, this can be the best Twitter traffic generator plugin.

Take a look at the options.Twitter Popup

5. SumoMe Highlighter

When it comes to blog growth hacks, SumoMe has a bunch of tools in their plugin.

Highlighter is the one that creates a Tweet when readers highlight/select any text from your blog post/page.

Many of the readers will have this “selecting habit” and this plugin is nicely making use of it. Further, it encourages the readers to highlight and Tweet important or great points from your articles.text highlight from sumome


See the latest statistics about Twitter.

  • 640+ million registered users
  • 58 million Tweets per day
  • 135K new users per day
  • 9100 Tweets per minute etc.
  • stats source

Latest Twitter StatisticsRecently, Google has fully integrated Twitter on their search results pages. That’s a big boost for Twitter from Google, the giant.

Hence, you should not ignore Twitter and it will be worth your effort.

Use these plugins and bring more blog traffic from Twitter.

Good Luck.


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