Facebook is one the biggest and most active social network today with 1440+ million active users per month. Data says that facebook has 936+ million active users per day when compared to twitter its 2 times more.

People are more active on facebook that:

  • about 48% of 18 to 34 year-old are checking facebook immediately after wake up &
  • about 28% are checking facebook from their smartphone.

facebook usage statisticsWhen it comes to blog traffic, all Google tops it and SEO plays a major role.

Without Google/SEO, your blog may not grow that much bigger especially if you are dependent much on content strategy. At the same time, you can’t disagree that social media can second it. For almost every blog, about 70-80% of its traffic are driven by search engines. In the remaining, social media sites like facebook, twitter is grabbing a big share.

More recent stats on facebook here.

Hence for our WordPress blog, we could not ignore this giant social network, facebook. Your personal facebook page or a dedicated business page of your blog both needs a good number of quality followers. I mean, you need number of likes/fans to your pages who are all interested in following your posts or content.

The very first step is to increase your number of facebook likes and there are a lot of ways to achieve it.

Driving facebook likes and interactions directly from your blog leads to more quality followers than any other source. Because, they are your actual audience who are reading your blog and they will love to follow your activities on facebook.

You get WordPress plugins which can quickly help you to drive a lot more traffic to your blog by triggering a lot more facebook interactions.

As usual, I did my research on the WordPress plugin directory and collected these best facebook plugins that can bring more traffic to your blog similar to Twitter traffic plugins.

Here we go….

1. Comments from Facebook

As the name says, you can show facebook comments through your blog instead of the normal WordPress comments.

That means, all the interactions or discussions in your blog will be through facebook. Your reader must have a facebook account to write a comment.

The idea of this plugin is increasing more facebook interaction in your blog. This way, all your blog comments will be immediately visible to commentators friends and hence the chances of going more viral especially if an influenced person leaves a comment in your blog.

You can enable facebook comments on blog posts, pages. You can configure the look and feel of the comment section using this plugin.

Further, you can import the facebook comments into WordPress database that means, tomorrow if you disable this plugin, the comments written by facebook users won’t be lost.facebook comments settings

2. Facebook Like Box Widget

This is similar to the official page plugin from facebook.

However, you can customize the widget directly from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin supports floating share buttons, you can keep it disabled. You can also input a facebook page and it displays all the recent posts. Since this is a widget you can drag and drop at any place on the sidebar, footer etc.

This plugin will be helpful especially if you are not comfortable in integrating the page plugin code.facebook like box setup

3. Facebook Traffic Pop

This is a premium WordPress plugin that shows a like box as a popup.

The popup appears whenever a visitor comes to your blog and it shows a timer. In order to read the content, the visitor has to wait for the timer to expire or he/she has to click the Like button. This plugin can quickly get you more likes to your page and hence more traffic.

Since this is a premium plugin, there are a lot of features available in it.

  • Customize the look and feel (color, font, size, opacity etc.) of the popup
  • Customize the close/timer (button, timeout, countdown etc.) options of the popup
  • Customize the text (title, message etc.) that appears throughout the popup
  • Uses cookies to track visitor history and behavior etc.
  • Responsive popup compatible to different screen sizes (desktop, smartphone, tablet pcs)

Watch the plugin demo.settings for facebook traffic from popup plugin

4. Facebook Like Lock

This is a simple content locker plugin made for facebook.

You can hide or lock content on your blog posts or pages using this plugin with a Like box. The visitor has to Like it in order to see the actual content.

You can hide the content using shortcodes and hence you can place it anywhere inside your blog post or page.

This plugin can simply increase the facebook traffic by driving a lot more forcible Likes.

Further, you can also customize the look and feel of the locker box. The options are simple to configure and there’s nothing complex to get more Likes using this plugin.facebook lock

5. Facebook Auto Publish

One of the must-have WordPress plugin for automatic posting to facebook fan page.

This plugin publishes all your new blog posts, pages to the fan page. You can configure the posting format and also, whether to include an image or not. Further, you can also select the posting based on the category or allow all the categories.

This plugin helps to quickly showcase your new blog posts to the fans and brings back the traffic to your blog immediately.facebook automatic setup

Hope this list helps you to pick the best plugin which can drive traffic to your blog from facebook.


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