Clickbank the well known affiliate network which gives life to many of the online business gurus. It has huge number of products widely covering almost all the hot topics in the market. For many of the bloggers or affiliate marketers, clickbank is the main source of online income and they are making great money out of it. If you have a wordpress blog and you are a fan of clickbank then you are into right page.

I will list down the 10 best clickbank plugins specially designed for wordpress. These plugins makes your life simpler by helping you in creating clickbank widgets to manage the affiliate links easily for your blog and also to work with the wordpress admin panel. Definitely, these plugins will help you in improving your clickbank income. Okay, lets quickly go through those plugins.

#1 Clickbank Widget.

This plugin helps you to create clickbank widgets of your own style. The widget takes the hop links and options to add your own product description for each links. It allows you to add image header which catches the visitors attention and hence helps to improve the CTR (click-through-rate) of your affiliate links.

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#2 Clickbank Ads.

A plugin which helps you to create a widget of Ads same like Google Adsense Ads. You could add a title, description and the affiliate link. And you could add atmost of 3 Ads in a single widget. I see like this has an option to rotate multiple Ads in a single widget. This plugin displays a short URL at the bottom saying, “Ads by”.

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#3 In-Text Affiliate Links.

Another handy plugin to create in-text Ads with your affiliate links. It actually converts the specified keywords into affiliate links on your blog posts. Hence it gives more exposure to the reader (as links are added to blog post) and increases the CTR too. The free version has a limitation like it shows own affiliate link 1 out 4 links.

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#4 Ads By Cb.

This plugin helps you to create Ads of your own choice. Interestingly, you could specify the keywords for every Ads that you create and it automatically shows relevant clickbank products for that keyword from the clickbank database. This way, it shows clickbank ads which are closely related to your content/topic. You could select the clickbank category and this plugin looks for products on that category. This plugin displays the bottom saying, “ads by adsbycb” which you cannot be removed.

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#5 Easy Clickbank.

Another plugin which helps you to display random affiliate links on your blog posts. It has the option to track down the number of clicks happened and also you could cloak your affiliate links using this plugin. You could add as many categories and link them directly while editing your blog post.

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Finally, go through the features of these plugins and decide which one suits your need. A clickbank plugin will definitely helps you to promote/sell the affiliate products effectively on your wordpress blog. Use plugins and increase your clickbank income !

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      Thanks for point this information !

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    How to put in blog without plugin?

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  6. Yasar - Reply

    1. CBproads
    2. MyCbGenie

    are the top plugins for Clickbank income.

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