The most important factor which decides the growth of a blog is branding. We all work for adding blog content, we all work to optimize your blog for search engines. At the same time, very few people bother about branding.

I would say, that’s the marketing fault of your blogging business. When you started thinking your blog as a business, you will realize the importance of branding and its benefits.

Long back, we discussed about the steps to brand your blog where we discussed how to brand your blog in a simple way ? I would recommend you to read that article when you have time. This article could be an extension of that to understand what are all the benefits you will get because of branding ?

Giving An Imagination About Your Blog.

Branding helps you to give an imagination about your blog. Statistics says, your web site has to attract the visitors within less than 10 seconds. In that short period of time, you could attract them only by effective branding.

A cool looking logo related to your business and a simple professional blog theme are the basic needs to brand your blog in a day. Branding is not just about graphics, it also lays on the content and the marketing words that you use across your blog.

These are the few things which makes the visitor to imagine about your blog even after they left your blog.

Branding Gives Uniqueness.

here is a brand...

here is a brand...

The word Uniqueness is more important in business branding. You have to brand your blog in order to make it unique. Its not like your blog will sit next to the 1000th blog. If your blog looks like others blog then there is no meaning of branding here. And people may not realize how unique your are in the business. They will think you as that 1000th blog.

Branding helps to quickly stand out from crowd and tells the world that you are “doing differently” when compared to other fellows.

It Builds Reader Trust.

Being unique gives a feel to the visitor that “hey, this is a professional blog” and it has a “message to convey”. When they are getting this feel directly or indirectly they will TRUST you. This is a basic factor in building visitors trust.

When your visitor gains that Trust:

  • They will come back to your blog again and again.
  • They will follow your instructions and ideas.
  • They will buy the products that you recommend.

Visitor Stays Longer Time.

Its quite natural that when people are attracted to something, they will spend more time with it. That’s a general fact applicable here too. When your blog attracts the visitor, they will fall in love with it. They expect more stuffs and they will simply roam around your blog.

  • In fact, page views will increase in your blog and they will stay longer in your blog which is the most important achievement of a blogger than making money.

Your Blog Goes Viral (even word of mouth).

Branding is an important marketing strategy of a blog when considered as a business. Even branding helps in viral marketing that means, your blog markets itself. This is natural that when you see a great web site, you will tell your friends/family about it.

This happens often with like-minded people and when you attract your readers they will spread words about your blog to their readers/friends. People do share it through social media tools. This practically happens because of branding, got it ?

Now, What Experts Are Feeling ?

As i mentioned earlier, branding is part of a business and its an important marketing strategy. Many of the business experts had already shared their experiences/ideas about branding. Thought of sharing it here which helps you to understand more about blog branding.

Hope you will feel these articles are helpful, spend some time to read its worth for your time !

Finally, i would say, “branding is mandatory” to your blog when considered as a business.

A simple brand will have

  • a logo,
  • a slogan which tells the purpose of your blog,
  • an unique simple design
  • with valuable information.



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