Amazon the worlds biggest online shopping portal founded in 1994, we don’t need an introduction. It is one of the gold mine for Affiliate Marketers like you.

Joining Amazon Associates is easy and free.

It’s simple to do like: pick a product’s affiliate link, promote it and earn money.

According to Wikipedia, Amazon earns 40% of its revenue from its affiliates.

Amazon has more than 100K affiliate members. It’s quite easy for bloggers to easily find quality products from Amazon to promote on their blog (from any niche). However, the problem comes when you integrate/promote from your blog as doing it manually takes time and also, it pains.

WordPress bloggers have more flexibilities by means of free plugins.

The WordPress directory has bunch of Amazon plugins and I found 40+ plugins (when I searched for “Amazon affiliate”). And finally, I filtered them to the 5 best plugins. Using WordPress plugins makes your work simpler in order to show Amazon products and it helps to easily increase your affiliate earnings.

You can also take look on the list of premium Amazon WordPress plugins and also, I sold $30,000+ worth of products as an affiliate.e-commerce-402822_640

#1 – Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer.

A plugin which finds the Amazon links on your blog and automatically converts them into affiliate links. Just you have to provide your affiliate ID. Interestingly, this plugin converts affiliate links based on the geographic location of the visitors.

For example, a visitor from UK will be redirected to and a visitor from US will be sent to

  • Download Localizer Plugin (this plugin is no longer active instead, you can try the Amazon Link plugin)

#2 – AffiLinker Affiliate Plugin.

I released AffiLinker with Affiliate bloggers in mind. With this plugin, you can simply convert the given keywords in the Amazon affiliate links (not only Amazon, you can put any affiliate link).

You can uniquely customize the look and feel of every affiliate link, this helps to increase CTR of your Affiliate links and hence more affiliate sales.

#3 – Amazon Product In a Post Plugin.

This plugin gives option to add specific products to any blog post. And, it displays the Amazon product on both top and bottom of the blog post.

Just give the affiliate ID to enable this plugin and add whatever products you want. It has the Quick Add Product Feature (Amazon PIP) which helps you to quickly add the products to this plugin. You could customize the CSS to change the look and feel too.

#4 – WP Amazon Ads.

Another plugin which is specially designed for multi-author blogs.

It has the option to share the earned Amazon revenue with other authors or they could include their own affiliate ID (associated to author’s profile). So if you want to run a Amazon revenue sharing site then this plugin is best suited for you. Don’t miss it !

#5 – Amazon Store.

The best plugin which helps you to simply create an Amazon store on your blog. It integrates a shopping cart which makes everything simpler for you and for your buyers. You could create categories & sub-categories to list the Amazon products as you prefer.

Hope all these plugins will help you in showing great Amazon products on your blog. Go through the features from their download pages and select the one that best suites your need.

Keep in mind that you have to show quality products (hot selling) which are closely related to your blog topic, in order to make a decent income from Amazon associates.


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  1. Here is another plugin works like a magic to show contextual amazon, ebay and clickbank ads related to your post tags or keyword content and its called WP Affiliate Ads Plugin – wpadsensor dot com.

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      THanks for the recommendation sabrina..but to use this plugin we have to pay !!!

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      THanks for the recommendation sabrina..but looks like we have to pay for use this plugin !!!

  2. Ahmed Wier - Reply

    This brightend my day so can I brighten yours?

    Dyslexics have more fnu. 🙂

  3. Another new great and free amazon plugin is Amazon Discount Finder sidebar widget.

  4. WPAssociate helps you easily transform your WordPress site into a custom Amazon affiliate store in an easy way; no programming experience necessary. Choose looks, products and placement and you’re ready to go. wpassociate dot com


    john p.

  5. guinea pig - Reply

    Interesting, I am definitely going to think some more about this and get back to you with a full comment once I get the time.

  6. cahyo - Reply

    where can i download number 5?

  7. nice post..thank’s for the info 😀

  8. Hi…I try to download Amazon Store pluin.But when i click its link it redirect to i wanna try this plugin how can i download its.


  9. Useful article. I have picked one plug in for my site. When I earn commission I will give you thanks.

  10. thank you so much for this very informative post – i was under the impression that most worthwhile plugins had to be paid for, but now i can see that is not the case — keep up the gd work in informing the public!

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Yes, ann we could do many stuffs only with free to use plugins…that’s the “power of wordpress”.

  11. Jake Eaton - Reply

    thanks for the list. I love the link localiser.

  12. I have over 9880 visitors this month to my site and no sales what am I doing wrong ? Great post thoguh.

  13. @ Rasheed – Looking at your site I’m guessing you’re not even close to 9880 visitors in a month, you’ve only got a couple dozen links in a competitive field. The first thing I’d do if I were you is be honest with your situation…

  14. mirage - Reply

    Thanks for the list…

  15. alv john - Reply

    wowow thank you for all this share, you have safe me time, thank you

  16. Andrew - Reply

    Some of the plugins aren’t updated to latest. Do you have a new blogpost with newest ones you found?

  17. I’ve had very mixed experiences with Amazon plugins and I’m still looking for one that I can rely on, which is why I’m here. I guess the problem with some of the plugins is the Amazon API, when it changes a lot of plugins using it aren’t updated to reflect those changes.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      that’s right Thomas and this is the basic problem with free plugins – in that case you could take a premium plugin which supports up-to-date…this gives me an idea to write an article on the premium plugins – will do that soon !


  18. minka kelly - Reply

    Thank for your information about free plugin for Amazon’s affiliate. I have install two plugin.

  19. thank you…..”#5 – Amazon Store” was what i wanted! 🙂

  20. Do you have plugin for blogspot?

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi Herry, blogspot has built-in widgets to show Amazon products/links, you don’t need a plugin..check this to understand more. Thanks for your comment.

  21. Online business - Reply

    Thanks Ven, actually I am just planning to build niche website around amazon and clickbank and you make my work lot of easier. Many thanks to you. I will try out this and then come back, if face some problem. Also if you make some video around how to work out these plugin, then it would be a real treat.

  22. i think amazon store is wonderful plugin. you can sell online, stuff you rarely sell or hard to find the product reseller

  23. zam zam - Reply

    why yes plugin localizer amazon link does not appear after the post, the picture will not appear

  24. tony katch - Reply

    i am using the plugin and i am enjoying it. really nice

  25. This is really a great post, but i am not sure is amazon will work on indian blogs or sites, i mean can indian guys be amazon affilates…

  26. Loretta Mitchell - Reply

    Been on your site for just over 15 minutes and have gained so many tips. Thanks.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      good that you felt useful, thanks & see you back.

  27. Great list, though have you considered the Amazon Link Engine plugin? The plugin is super simple to use but leverages GeoRiot’s link translation to make sure your Amazon (affiliate) links are working efficiently with your global audience by sending them to the appropriate product in each visitor’s local Amazon storefront. Granted I’m a bit biased but would love your feedback!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Thanks for referring to an Amazon plugin here.

  28. Monika - Reply

    There are different WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins available in the market today. I recommend you to use Xenia Plugin. It allows you to add thousands of Amazon products to WordPress store quickly and easily. The Plugin will put your Amazon Associate Program ID in all links back to Amazon, so you get commissions for all sales referred to Amazon. Join Amazon and learn more tips about building your affiliate store!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Hey Monika, Thanks for recommending Xenia Plugin.

  29. Due to Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer not working anymore, I modified it and published here:

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Thanks for the update, Ale.

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