If you have a WordPress blog and looking to increase blog income then you are in the right page today.

The dream of every blogger is to increase traffic and to increase income. Both are tightly coupled to each other, without traffic you could not earn and without well monetizing the traffic you could not earn income.

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However, in case of WordPress based blogs you can easily turn these dreams into reality with the help of plugins.

There are lot of free WordPress plugins available in the wp directory and you can use them to increase blog traffic as well as blog income.

However, the greatest disadvantage of free plugins is that most of them are not seriously built and many are years old without any updates.

That’s one of the biggest problem with free plugins, now there comes the premium WordPress plugins to overcome such problems. With premium WordPress plugins, you get access to the latest working copy compatible with latest WordPress versions and completely owned by its makers.

Further, you get personal support for any plugin related issues because you are paying to take their service.

With all these thoughts in mind, I have compiled a short list of WordPress plugins that helps you to quickly increase blog income.

#1 – AffiLinker WordPress Plugin.

A simple-to-use WordPress plugin built specially for bloggers and affiliate marketers. If you are promoting affiliate products on your WordPress blog then you must own this plugin. It has the capability to convert any given keyword into an affiliate link throughout the blog (on posts, pages as well as on comment section).

That means you can instantly monetize your blog with affiliate links and interestingly, there are lot of options available to take control of the link placement.

  • You can restrict certain key blog posts from adding affiliate links, you can also specify the blog post length to restrict the affiliate link placement and limit the number of affiliate links per page.
  • With AffiLinker, you can configure the style of every affiliate link by changing its color, background color, font style, font size so that your visitor will love-to-click every affiliate link.
  • There is a built-in link tracker which collects stats on unique number of clicks, total clicks received by every affiliate link and also, the best performing blog posts/pages. With all these data, you can add/remove affiliate links, configure keywords, customize the link style to increase your blog income every day.

A must have WordPress plugin, get your copy of AffiLinker here.

See the AffiLinker WordPress Plugin demo…

#2 – EasyAzon WordPress Plugin.

Being an Amazon affiliate, you can earn a lot of money by promoting products from Amazon.com. You can find lot of high quality products on almost any market or niche, that’s the greatest advantage of Amazon. If you are not monetizing your blog with Amazon, you are missing something.

First, join Amazon associates as an affiliate and start promoting their products related to your blog. The biggest problem being an Amazon affiliate is that you need a working WordPress plugin.

There are lot of free plugins available however, most of them won’t work with your version of WordPress blog because of the changes coming with Amazon APIs.

However, when you are using a premium WordPress plugin like EasyAzon, you can forget such problems and focus towards monetizing your blog. EasyAzon helps to quickly search and add affiliate links, add widgets from Amazon without much cracking your head.

You can also refer to my other suggestion on free Amazon Plugins and premium Amazon Plugins. They helped to sell $30,000+ worth of products as an Amazon affiliate.

#3 – Keyword Winner WordPress Plugin.

One of the important aspect of blogging is Keyword Selection.

  • Not only for the home page, for each and every blog post you have to find the right keyword that solves your purpose.
  • When you just pick a keyword, you may end up with high competition and for sure, your article won’t rank well in search engines because of too many results appearing for that keyword.
  • At the same time, if you are able to find keywords which are profitable as well as less competition you can easily rank your articles on search engines.

With Keyword Winner WordPress plugin, you can simply optimize your blog post titles with less competitive keywords so that your article ranks higher on search engines (esp. with Google). Hence you can drive lot of blog traffic which leads to increased blog income.

Note: I am no longer using Keyword Winner Plugin. Instead, you can use SEMRush Tool for keyword analysis.

#4 – Wpsubscribers Plugin.

“Money is in the list”, this is what most of the bloggers and successful Internet marketers are saying every time. Because when you own a huge list of subscribers, you can ping them any time with information as well as promotions.

Email lists are never destroyable and even when your blog looses all its traffic from search engines, you can still bring traffic by sending an update to your email list.

Basically, building an email list is a fool-proof model.

With Wpsubscriber plugin, you can show opt-in popups and it drastically increases the subscriber count by almost 300% which directly increases your blog income.

If you are looking for long term profits from your blog’s email list then grab a copy of Wpsubcribers here.


All these are must have WordPress plugins and I don’t see a reason for not using them in your blog. A little investment that you do today on your blog, pays you back with more income.

Apart from using these plugins, you must always work to build a successful blog (understand how to write for your blog? and learn how to get more blog traffic?) so that your blog grows faster and makes you money for the long term.


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