The greatest advantage of online business when compared to traditional business, “Ability To Control”. Further the complexity is highly driven by the type of online business too. Blogging is not an exception here. Many successful blogger’s are standing out with effective marketing skills, moving consistently in terms of content generation and making huge income out of it. When it comes to blogs, there are many factors which decides the success and nothing called failure until you give up.

Though it looks like a simple process, in reality it is a complex process which requires Smart work, Effective Marketing and much more. To reveal such tricks, i have identified 4 complex factors in blogging, when take care well, you will win. This helps beginner blogger’s to move up to the next level of growth especially beating your business competitors.

#1 Design & Branding.

When a visitor arrives to your blog, the first thing comes to their eye is Look And Feel. A simple and eye catchy blog design is required at the first place. From navigation to font size, everything must stand out to bring in the Visitors Attention. Basically, you must have a professional blog design which in terms builds the TRUST between visitors and your site. Automatically, when your blog looks professional, people will look for more information.

Next comes the branding, which involves bringing in a unique style to your site. A Logo, Slogan, makes you to build a brand in your blog apart from branded design. As individual blogger, you could bring a personal touch in branding your blog. Read this article on Steps to brand your blog (simple 3 steps) and on how to select blog name ? (if you are about to start a blog).

#2 Serve Visitor Needs.

The ultimate aim of blogging should be “Service To Visitors”. In terms of providing valuable information, your visitors will get satisfied, which brings them back to your site. Satisfied visitors will become “Repeat Visitors”.

The basic sense of satisfying visitors, depends on:

  • How you are solving their problems ? and
  • How you are giving effective solutions ?

Many of the Internet users are solution seekers and if your site, solves their problem definitely, they will become your regular customer. Keeping the visitors close together with your blog is more important in blogging because its the “Platform to Share and Care”. Serving visitors should be the first goal of every blog which i would say, The Backbone !

How to keep your site without lacking visitors ?

See The Complexity

See The Complexity…

#3 Traffic Generation.

Satisfying the visitors need, automatically brings in more visitors. And its highly dependent on the market and the crowd (competitors). A highly demanding topic will have many competitors but when the demand for the information increases, your blog could supply more and bring in more visitors. Other way, too much competition may lead to “Blog Saturation” because if you think something to share, you will see some one already shared in their blog.

These articles on Competitive blog niche helps you further into the topic. At the same time, “Keyword Research” and “SEO” are the alternatives to drive huge traffic to your blog. The following course on helps you in that direction:

Traffic generation is highly tied with the market demand and competition. Few of the basic techniques like On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO may help you towards driving more natural traffic especially from search engines. Using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and building an audience network around your blog will definitely brings more visitors.

#4 Blog Revenue Model.

Next comes, the revenue model of your blog. There are varying options to monetize a blog. PPC Ad networks, Affiliate Networks, selling private Ads, writing paid reviews, selling your own products/ebooks etc. are few of the commonly used revenue models. Again, the income of your blog is highly driven the number of visitors coming to your blog. When you have more visitors, there are more chances for converting traffic into money.

At the same time, when the effective strategies are applied, you could even make money with low traffic blogs. Ultimately, you have to try variety of revenue models and doing Experimentation plays a major role here in income generation. Do more experimentation in every aspect of monetization and over a period of time, you will have hand full of great ideas !


Finally, to summarize “Solution” for complex blogging factors:

A professionally designed blog which serves the visitors need, generates more traffic and makes more income.

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