As a travel blogger I am always looking for new and creative ways to bring traffic to my site and my blog. Sometimes this involves wacky and clever web based ideas and other times I will try offline methods.

It doesn’t matter if you try online or offline ideas, what does matter is that you find a way to consistently bring in traffic. We have a long list of things we try, but for the purposes of this article we list four good methods you may or may not have heard of before – but surely anyone can try.

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4 Clever Blog Traffic Ideas Anyone Can Try This Week

1. Local Fair or Festival

Most cities and towns (no matter how small) have an annual fair or two plus regional and or state festivals. These are great opportunities for you to promote your blog via strategic activities that could result in email capture using Aweber, client leads, product sales and more. Depending on the fair or festival you could set up a booth and host a giveaway wherein the entry is an email address, this is one of the best ways to do email capture via an event.

However the prize and the set up has to be interesting and or compelling enough to get others just to come by your booth. You need a gimmick and a draw so those who are walking by will be compelled to come on over and chat with you. It isn’t as easy as it sounds as those who come to a fair are there to have fun, so keep this in mind with your booth – make it fun so that festival goers will want to come your way.

2. Wet T shirt Contest

This one is crazy fun if implemented and executed properly. However you have to be strategic about these things and have an end goal and end result in mind.

The point of your wet t shirt contest should be to drive traffic back to your blog via a draw of some sort. This could take the form of a freebie which can only be had by going to your blog to get it, could be that you host the answer to a series of questions on your blog from the contest and anything else you can think of which will route people to your blog during or after the event.

Keep it simple, keep it fun and keep it strategic.

3. Kindle Fire Android App

Many think to create and distribute an iPhone or iPad app, but what about the millions of Android smartphone app and Kindle Fire owners.

Yes! millions.

This is an untapped market which means it’s ripe for the taking, as it is not yet saturated so it’s a good entry point for you. Create an Android app (maybe an ebook or fun game) and be sure to place it on Google Play and those who have an Android powered device, whether a smartphone or tablet – can access your app.

You can make it FREE or paid, just get it out there and use it to drive traffic back to your blog.

4. Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

Everyone is buzzing about Pinterest and for good reason, because it is driving traffic back to website and blog owners like crazy. Create a campaign to see how you fare with it. You could follow what others are doing by Googling pinterest marketing or something similar and try the same for your blog. You never know what a traffic goldmine a new social network can be when a good campaign is implemented.

Some ideas I have read about include a Pinterest scavenger hunt wherein you place photos on certain boards and have a giveaway for those who find these photos. This can be a fun way to get others interested and excited about your brand and your blog. One to try this week, yes?

I love marketing, always have and always will because one is only limited by the wonders of their imagination. Anything you can think up, can be done. Just give it a try and see how it fares for you.

Guest contribution by Zoe Braxton who writes on behalf of carrentals on the web and loves to pontificate on all things to do with travel, cars and combining the two through blogging.


About the Author:

Zoe is a freelance writer who writes on travel, cars, blogging and social media.


  1. I had a friend who played in a band and he went to Turkey for his summer holidays….he took hundreds of stickers of the band name and website and stuck them here, there and everywhere in Turkey. He didn’t become Liam Gallagher or the band become the next Oasis but he got points for thinking outside the box.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi Ade, thanks for sharing your friends experience in this forum. It is true that offline marketing can push a biz/brand to maximum exposure sometimes even more than online marketing. See u back.

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