Amazon is one of the well known brand in this Internet world and they dominate almost the entire shopping industry. When it comes to buying online, people do prefer Amazon for various good reason. Interestingly, you will find almost all the products right from physical to digital products on Amazon.

There are many successful people who are making more money and living life out of Amazon. Yes, I am speaking about their Affiliate program, Amazon Associates.

I have sold $30,000+ worth of products on Amazon through my Gadget blog and the conversion from Amazon is really amazing.

These premium plugins will help you to “simply” increase sales and saves you lot of “time”.

However, affiliate niche sites are profitable than anything because they are more focused on the topic and ranks well in search engines. You could purely target visitors who are looking-to-buy products or about-to-buy

Long back, I published an article on Amazon WordPress plugins to increase Amazon affiliate earnings. I recommended few of the best free WordPress plugins in that article. There are lot of free plugins available to easily promote Amazon products as an affiliate.

One of the major drawback of free plugins is that, they are not up-to-date.

Even one of my reader Thomas from said:

I’ve had very mixed experiences with Amazon plugins and I’m still looking for one that I can rely on, which is why I’m here. I guess the problem with some of the plugins is the Amazon API, when it changes a lot of plugins using it aren’t updated to reflect those changes.

Amazon affiliate plugins are more dependent on the Amazon Advertising APIs which are used to query the product information like: description, title, price etc. or even the Amazon affiliate link.

Since it is dependent on external APIs, any changes in Amazon API has to reflect in the WordPress plugin API calls.

Basically, the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin needs be compatible with the latest updates on Amazon API. Most of the free plugins are not up-to-date and hence it may not work well with your WordPress blog.

There comes the Amazon affiliate premium WordPress plugins which are mostly up-to-date because they are business products. People do pay for these plugins and hence the developer is more responsible to make the plugin compatible to Amazon APIs.

After extensive experiments on various marketplace, I am sharing you the following premium WordPress plugins which are good to have in your blog.

Easy Azon Premium WordPress Plugin.

This is a premium WordPress plugin which has the capability to quickly monetize your WordPress blog with Amazon affiliate links. The product creator Chris is a well known Amazon expert, I believe in his products  and hence I am recommending it to you.

Also, they are offering life time free updates for the plugin that means, this plugin will be compatible to work with Amazon any time in future.

Further, you will get unlimited site license, that means you could use this plugin on any number of WordPress blogs (most of the premium plugin restrict this and Easy Azon is an exception).

Azon FlyBox Amazon Plugin.

As the name says, this plugin pops a fly box with product description along with your affiliate link of relevant products from Amazon. It supports 9 different countries where Amazon associate accounts are available.

You can easily customize the appearance of the flybox: color, text, transitions etc. Further, this plugin is made responsive and compatible to Smartphone screens.

You can see the demo on Azon FlyBox to understand, how it works?.

I am sharing you a sample screenshot of, where the flybox appears in your blog. You can also customize the location of the flybox to your own interest.


Re-EngageZon Amazon Affiliate Plugin.

This is a creative plugin that interacts with your blog visitors and engages them to browse more products from Amazon.

When the user returns from Amazon to your blog, this plugin automatically shows suggestions or search option for the user. This triggers the user to find more products (using your affiliate link).

Watch the below video to understand, how ReEngageZon helps you?

It also provides an option to quickly share an Amazon product to their social followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (along with your affiliate link). Hence increase in sale.

Convertazon Premium WordPress Plugin.

The next plugin is Convertazon which helps to quickly monetize your WordPress blog by adding pop-up based affiliate links as well as simple call-to-action widgets.Convertazon-plugin

The widget runs an animation to load the product description which the author claims it attracts the visitors attention and then, it shows the affiliate link along with short description + product image.

It has the split test feature where you could play around to increase your conversion.


These are 4 plugins that I will really help you to increase your earnings same like mine. Apart from these, there are other type of plugins which can automatically build Amazon niche stores, by pulling content from Amazon as blog posts.

  • My advice, don’t prefer automatic store builder because it creates duplicate/re-spinned content which 101% won’t rank on Google.
  • Instead, create original+valuable content in your blog and monetize it using the above mentioned premium WordPress plugins.

Are you still using free plugins? or which is the best premium Amazon plugin that you use?


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