When it comes to blogging, content is the back bone which has the power to do everything as a business. People do blogging for various reasons: some are hobby bloggers and few other are serious bloggers (like me?).

I used to write a lot of content in this blog and when I started this blog, I was like a kid and struggled a lot of find new content ideas – nearly 3 years passed and now I am flooding with useful content…..Even today I am not good in English grammar but I am practised to write well….with the support of my own passion !

Any one could write in this world – we have the freedom to write. However, when you have to write regularly, definitely you must need a knowledge to write as well as dedication, 100% required.

Internet is rich in information always and we could find anything quickly – its changed a lot now compared to 10-13 years before when I started using Internet.

Today the complete ideology of Internet and its business had changed a lot with the advent of new Technologies right from social media tools to blogs.

It is like any one could start a blog and shout their voice to the world.holy-three-kings-528007_640

However, when you are thinking this whole part of content generation as a business – you have to keep a lot of things in mind especially based on your ultimate goal or plan.

I do plan a lot and try to follow them strictly. Content generation is one of the major goal in my plan and recently, I started producing a lot more content in this blog than before.

I am clear to achieve the goal of “huge traffic” (reach 1,00,000 page-views per month as a first step) and to heavily dominate the niche. Interestingly, I am in a competitive niche of “money making online” and already this blog sits in 1st page of Google for many of related keywords around “money making”, “online business”.

Update: Back in early 2013, I took a break from blogging for nearly 2 Years and during the mid of Year 2015 I resumed blogging. Though my aim of blogging is still the same, I am working to create a concept around my blog (of course, with the help of content + own products). I no longer focusing on “money” keywords because I could not create a concept around it 😉

Competitive blog niche has advantages that you could keep your content generation strategy 100% up and even there are tonnes of resources already available – still there are huge demand in the market.

Okay, lets come to the topic of content types.

It is important to understand how to write content which has the power to grow your blog? and to achieve your blogging goals.

Timeless Content Which Sells All time…

There are variety of content you could write in your blog right from breaking news to sharing your own experiences.

  • In most cases, what we write may not be true tomorrow or even after 2 years – because information changes in life and business. However, it is also possible to give advice which never dies…

In other words “Timeless content”.

Yes, this type of content never expires and it helps the reader today, tomorrow and even after 2 years or 10 years.clock-650753_640

So find out chances to write such timeless content for your business, it brings in visitors for life long.

Even, if you see originally I posted this article on 2011 and later, on 2015 I was able to update it with fresh information. That’s called “Timeless”.

I am happy that my content on this page is still alive and irrespective of time 😉

Problem Solving Content Which Sells A lot…

Internet users are all information seekers and most of the people are looking solution for their problems.

  • The best practice – identify such problems in your market and address them.
  • Give suggestions, give solutions and even you could show a product as a solution.

This type of problem solving content drives more targeted visitors and you could take chances to sell a lot.

I would say, this type of content makes lot of money when wisely published !question-mark-460868_640

Review Content Which Sells on Time…

Those who are selling affiliate products already know these type of content – yes, these are product reviews which are meant for selling products directly.

  • All you need few information about the product and more important, how the product helps the buyer. When you know these 2 information, you could immediately write a product review. Learn how to review a product ?

This type of content surely drives targeted visitors who are researching about a product or about to place an order.board-361516_640

Final Thoughts….

Simply, these are the 3 types of content which are profitable for almost any market. The content style varies between people and their business – however, when you identify the purpose of content you could make use of it well.

  • Yes, as a first step – identify the purpose of content.
  • Then write your content keeping the purpose in mind and add necessary ingredients to make it successful.

As an added note, measure that your content fulfils the purpose. This is more important because you could tweak your own content generation strategy in order to make more profits that too for the long term.

You can also learn, how to write a blog?


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