Keyword research is one of the important task in any online business web site development. Right from your niche blog to any kind of web site, keyword research is mandatory. It is the process of finding the profitable keywords or keywords which solves your purpose.

We all know that keywords are the source of traffic and selecting appropriate keyword drives you the right source of traffic. That means, keyword decides the target audience. Doing a keyword research is not an independent task that you could do yourself. Definitely, you need tools which has the capability to give accurate statistics about each and every keyword so that you could pick the right one.

I would say, keyword selection needs common sense + right tool and you have to think yourself as the user. This way you could find the better keywords which directly solves your purpose. Keywords that you use in the title must also be attractive enough to grab the visitors attention.

In this article, i will take you through the 3 tools (not many to confuse you) which you could use to do better keyword research so that every time you don’t need to “select keywords in dark”.

Google Keyword Tool.

One of the best and FREE to use tool in Internet is the Google Keyword Tool. I personally, use it most of the time and i am seeing great results. All you have to enter the keywords and select the target geographic location, it gives you the detailed statistics about the requested keywords as well as bunch of related keywords. You could also, specify an URL, it finds the keywords from that URL and gives you detailed statistics.

Since this is a Google tool, it gives all the statistics based on the real Google users. Hence you will get almost accurate results and also, you could find new related keywords.

Keyword competition and Search volume are the two important parameters to consider in keyword research.

  • Google Keyword Tool is perfect to identify/analyze the search volume however, it doesn’t gives much information about keyword competition rather than low/high.

Keyword competition is more important than search volume because you could not easily rank well for a highly competitive keyword. At the same time, when you are able to find low competitive keywords, you could easily rank #1 for that keyword especially on Google.

Here is a short video tutorial on, How to use Google Keyword Tool ?

  • Now the questions is, what are the other tools which helps in identifying keyword competition ?

Keyword Winner Plugin Tool.

If you are a wordpress blogger then Keyword winner wordpress plugin is the best choice to identify keyword competition. I personally, see this plugin as a “Gap Filler”. That means, for the given keyword it performs a decent competitive analysis and suggests you the list of related keywords which are easy to rank.

It automatically checks the number of pages indexed in search engines as well as the authority of the top 10 results and finally, tells you the competitive level of each keyword.

As a result, you could easily find related keywords which are easy to rank. Finally, you could easily Gap Fill your own article/web page into search engines.

This tool performs the operation of Google Keyword Tool + Competitive analysis and hence it cuts down lot of your time. You could concentrate on your sites growth instead of doing tough keyword research every time.

SEO Elite Keyword Tool.

This is a tool for any webmaster (not only wordpress) and has almost all the cool features of keyword winner. Interesting part of SEO Elite: it analyzes in-and-out of your competitors site. It helps you to understand why your competitor is ranking higher than your site.

It gives details on the number of backlinks, backlink authority, anchor text used in linking etc. which helps you to understand the competitors SEO strategy.

  • Not only competitive analysis, it also tracks where you own site ranks in major search engines and shows it as a graph which makes you to understand how your site performs in SERP in long run.
  • It also suggests what changes you have to in your web site for improving its rank.
  • Apart from keyword competitive analysis, it has support for link building too. You could submit articles to bunch of article directories with few clicks, if you are willing to create quick backlinks.

Even a novice user could work with this Tool and there are video tutorials which helps you to understand it step-by-step. See more information on SEO Elite Tool here.

As i mentioned earlier, you have to use your own common sense in finding keywords first. Then do the research with these tools and do competitive analysis. Pick the right keyword which directly address your purpose.

For example, when you want to sell a product – tell the problem and solution in the title – select appropriate keywords like: How To <problem keyword here> using <solution/product keyword here> ?

  • Added note: Never do keyword research without knowing the purpose of your web page or article !

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