You may do blogging for so many reasons and ultimately every (almost) blogger wants to make money from their blogs. In general, people are blogging for money. The psychology of money is bad always. Yes, it has the power to revamp everything into bad shape. Especially, when you are running blogs as a business you have to keep bird’s eye on Money and its related goals.

  • The basic attitude of a beginner bloggers is to look for money, work for money. Their psychology is totally damaged and from the first day he expects to make big money. So if you are such a person, you are landed in the right page.

This article tells you the 3 major reasons on why do you keep money aside ? And why do you not focus “only for money” ? in blogging. By knowing these reasons will help every beginner blogger to make them shape well towards success.

Blogging For Money Kills Productivity.

Its true that when you do blogging only for money, your productivity goes down. This happens because of “psychological reasons”. Yes, when your mind started thinking about money, you could not produce value to your blog. Instead, you will be focusing too much on “blog statistics” and blog monetization. You should address statistics and monetization strategies but not to full extent always.

The reason, blogging is a slow process which makes you to think that you are not making money from your blog, very soon.

This actually kills your productivity and at last you could not work towards producing quality information in your blog. This is a natural psychological situation. When you started deep thinking about an entity, your mind won’t comes out of it easily.

Dominating Money Into Your Blogging Goals.

Keep It Aside...

Keep It Aside...

Many people do blogging without any goals. That’s okay if you are not serious about your blogging business. When you blog for money or blog as business, you have to setup blogging goals. Without goals, you could not track your growth and you could not forecast your growths.

  • Financial goals are the back bone of every business. I would say, “Reasonable Financial Goals”. Got it !

Yes, when you setup a money/income goal for your blog, keep it reasonable. On seeing other successful bloggers who makes simply 6-7 figures, don’t expect the same to happen immediately to you. Instead, break it into milestones and work for it.

  • A good example, Tom has a financial goal of making 1000$ per month here and he works for it in steps.

So don’t entrust money to dominate your blogging goals, keep money aside.

Keep Alternatives For Money (like Traffic, Quality).

Don’t take money as the primary target in your goal. Instead, focus on the alternative parameters which are essential for your blog growth. Few of the best alternatives are like “Traffic”, “Quality”, “Visitor Satisfaction” etc.

I have identify the tetrad of blogging, have a look which tells the exact alternatives of money in blogging.

  • Work for driving more traffic.
  • Work for producing quality information.
  • Work for satisfying visitor needs.
  • And don’t work for money, keep it aside.

When you started thinking about growth factors and started working for it, naturally your blog grows. It attracts great traffic and it gains more regular readers. This is a “Natural Growth Process” provided you are in the right track of marketing your blog. Yes, you should work for better marketing your blog by experiment new stuffs and ideas.


Finally, keep money aside from your blogging career for a while. Have reasonable financial goals. Work for growth parameters like “Traffic”, “Quality”, “Content”, “Readers”, “Marketing” exclude money from this list.

Keeping money aside enables your blog to grow towards success, resulting in making more money automatically !



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