Recent recession had triggered blogging as one of the best alternative income for many people especially during the last year. As every one started with a blog, there are much more possibilities for spamming with the intention to make money from blogging. Yes, search engines are well intelligent now-a-days to handle such “quick and gone” blogs.

As a serious bloggers, we should are not get controlled by recession, spam blogging or any other economic circumstances. Instead, the idea of blogging should be legit and we should work for the goal, not for money. Anyway, the end result of blogging is income but the path to reach that level of success is totally different.

This article is for those who are trying to become “serious bloggers” and now i will show you those 3 factors that you must follow while blogging.

Importance of Visitors.

Many bloggers are writing articles only for search engines and not for real humans. In that way, your blog slowly becomes junk with useless information. Instead, focusing towards visitors need is intelligent. Every visitor coming to your blog will have a question in mind. Because Internet users are information seekers. When they see their required information in your blog, they get satisfied. What happens now ?

Satisfied visitors will come back looking for more information in future and keeps your blog in mind always (because you helped him). That’s called Growth in Blogging. Targeting real human yields you steady growth. Even search engines love such content.

If you are already writing only for search engines then change your mind. Focus towards visitors, solve their problem and see the growth in blog traffic.


Keeping Money Aside.

Your ultimate aim will be making money from your blog. I agree. But if you always aim for money then you will lose your business credit especially in the earlier stage of blogging. It actually distracts your mind from quality work and it leads to poor productivity. In the sense, you may not think towards growth of blog instead you will be focusing too much on money. Naturally, you will aim for big money and you may not aim to work harder to reach such goals.

What i am telling is, don’t have bigger money goals instead have different kind of goals like, “i will drive 1000 visitors per day within this year” (its one of my goal too), “i will write 30 useful articles this month” (recently, i took a goal to write 2 articles per day). This way, your blog growths and money rolls in automatically.

Right Marketing Approach.

Blogging is not about only writing. It involves marketing too. Yes, you have to follow the right marketing strategy.

  • One example, i will tell you. To mention, i never involved in link exchange activities in the past 1.5 years. I focused only on producing quality content for this blog. What happens ? My blog slowly grows and it reaches the top 10 position for many of the related “money making online” keywords especially on Google India.
  • Last Month, i did a link exchange with one of well known top blog (moneymakerinfo) and my blog gained many backlinks. What happens ? Its Google’s time and went down in position by +10, +30, +50 for many of the top ranked keywords. So from Google’s eye, its a wrong strategy. But i believe, it recovers by itself in few days/month (because Google knows, this blog produces Quality Content). To mention, i am standing No.1 for these keywords in

Coming back to the topic, always follow right marketing steps to promote your blog. Don’t look for shortcuts (that i tried to do recently), it may hurt your growth.

Learn, How to market your blog from scratch ? and How to build a successful blog ?

Blogging needs lot of energy to work smarter. It all depends on how well you are helping the visitors and how you are promoting through best strategies. But once reached that level of success, money rolls in automatically.

Keep on useful blogging !

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