A new version of AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin has been released today !

From the earlier version 3.1 onwards, we support the Auto Update feature. That means, you don’t need to manually upgrade this WordPress plugin and the update automatically comes to your WordPress dashboard.

Hence this new version 3.2 directly comes to your dashboard as follows.

Just click on update now – You are done.AffiLinker WordPress Plugin Update 3.2 Version

What’s New with AffiLinker 3.2 ?

The following are the major bug fixes/improvements rolled out in this new version:

  • The Affiliate Links not appearing issue on blog posts/pages got fixed. I also tested with different types of WordPress themes and the plugin is more robust than ever before.
  • Added new support for the ISO-8859 language characters (ex: keywords like México, español). This was earlier not supported and few of you wanted to use AffiLinker on multi-language WordPress blogs.  Thanks for requesting this great feature, you can well use it now. Note that ISO-8859 based Affiliate Links are open in the source code.
  • The AffiLinker’s UI got improved with border effects and it looks more cool than before.

I have also sent you an email along with the copy of AffiLinker.zip. If you can’t wait to get the update inside your dashboard, you can also install it manually, refer to this page for more information.

If you are a first time visitor and don’t have tried AffiLinker, you can get the free version from here.


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