Its a good practice that blogger’s should have a plan in hand for future. Its very important especially, if you are blogging for a business reason. Evey business needs a plan or a road map to go. As an individual work from home blogger like me, its even more interest going with blogs.

Even i set blogging resolutions for 2010 and followed them to great extent. I have compiled a simple article on, What i learned in 2010 from blogging ?

Okay, lets see those resolutions & new strategies !

Publish Interesting & Useful Articles.

This is very common yet meaningful resolution. The growth of a blog mainly stands on the quality of information. Because blogging is about sharing with others. When the information is convey interestingly, it becomes a hit and goes viral.

In practical, i would focus towards writing more “How To”, “Reference”, “Steps To”, “Product Reviews” kind of articles which are focused towards solving the visitors problem. And more important, i will write articles with practical tips and real statistics.

Effective On-Blog Marketing.

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011

As i mentioned in what i learned article, i redesigned the blog with a band touch as well search engine optimized. Its the first step i believe in on-blog marketing. This year in 2011, i will “Show the strengths of my blog” to every visitors.

I believe, showing the strength is best part of on-blog marketing which definitely increases the daily reader base/count.

  • I want every visitor to feel that “I have landed in an information rich blog”.

Effective Off-Blog Marketing.

Off-Blog marketing is all about spread words about my blog across the web.

  • The underlying principle i am going to take: more it spreads, the more it gains.

So i work towards, spread links of my blog and its article around the web. I will make it to happen naturally by means of great content and on-blog marketing !

  • I do have plan to release my own WordPress Themes soon, Stay tuned folks πŸ™‚

Final Expectations.

Finally, with all these new strategies in place i want to turn this blog into an even more “Information Richer”, “Big Branded”, “High Traffic”, and of course, “High Revenue Generating” blog…

  • I would like to thank every visitor of this blog and Wish you all Happy New Year 2011 !

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