Its time again to take Blog Resolution for 2011. Even last year i took blog resolutions for 2010 and worked towards achieving them. Lets quickly see, what I exactly learned in 2010 ? in this article and also, what are all the new blogging strategies/plan for 2011 ?

One of the resolution i took earlier is publishing quality content on the topic. That’s almost 100% achieved that you could feel eMoneyMakingOnline.COM as an information rich blog on the topic of money making online business. I believed in quality information as the major source of growth and development.

The Realization.

If you see the below traffic stats, this blog was getting around only 15 visitors per day at Jan 1, 2010.

Even though i wrote many useful stuffs, i could not drive great traffic in the earlier days. Later by the mid of 2010, i realized the importance of “blog marketing and took few more interesting steps…

Only 14 visitors per day

Only 14 visitors per day

Blog Redesign.

And as a first step, eMoneyMakingOnline.COM went through a complete new design. I well tweaked the source code of this theme to get optimized for search engines as basically i am a software engineer 🙂 The look n feel are branded uniquely !

Say No To Search Engines.

Secondly, i started to think “there are no search engines”.

This is a strong thought which made to write articles which solves the real problem of people. Plus spreading the link across Internet to bring readers from other web pages (simply by, Interacting with other bloggers via comments & making to spread my articles across the web itself).

Say Yes To Search Engines.

Third, i started to think “there are search engines” which are stupid software’s manipulating a bunch of “Real Time Database” stacked by keywords. So i introduced a bit of keyword optimization in my articles.

The Effects…

The end result, blog traffic started increasing day-by-day. Now see the latest traffic stats, there are now ~300 visitors per day. And its continuing to increase 🙂

  • Even Blog Subscriber Count increased to great extent ! from less than 50 subscribers to 400+ subscribers 🙂
  • Twitter followers increased from 0 to 950+ followers.
300 Visitors Per Day Now...

300 Visitors Per Day Now…


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