Managing affiliate links in your WordPress blog is one of the challenging tasks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. As affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable money making method, you have to utilize the best of it.

As you all know, WordPress has the solution for everything even optimized solution because of its open source nature. As a blogger, we should utilize it to the full extent.

The Problem With Affiliate Links…

When you are doing affiliate marketing through your blog, you have to work with multiple affiliate links.

Over a period of time, it will be tough to manage affiliate links as your blog grows, the number of products that your promote also

What if you are linking 1000+ affiliate links from your WordPress blog?

You could not keep the list in hand or in an XL sheet. That’s a real headache. There come the WordPress plugins to manage it quickly and in a simple way.

  • I am not going to recommend 10’s and 20’s of plugins to confuse/waste your time. Just 2 plugins of your choice which helps to simply insert and track affiliate links in your blog.

Why do you need a plugin to manage affiliate links?

Let’s quickly tell the reasons for using such WordPress plugins:

  • To hide affiliate links from the reader (affiliate link looks scrap, let’s show it meaning full)
  • To track the number of clicks inside your WordPress dashboard itself.
  • To quickly convert the given keyword into an affiliate link throughout your blog.

Plugins To Manage Affiliate Links…

Okay, let’s see those 2 plugins…

#1 – AffiLinker Affiliate Plugin.

This is the best and premium WordPress plugin specially developed to manage Affiliate Links in your WordPress blog. It has various features that no other WordPress plugin has in the market. The problems listed above are all effectively solved by this plugin.

The greatest advantages of AffiLinker plugin:

  • Automatically convert given Keywords into Affiliate Links – you can configure to convert an unlimited number of keywords.
  • Create Interactive (Colorful) Affiliate Links by changing the link color, background color, hover color, hover background color, font size/style etc. You can play around with your own creativity to create colorful Affiliate Links.
  • Show professional links instead of showing Junk Affiliate Links.
  • For example it converts “” into “” which is more meaning full, right?
  • Track the clicks (both Unique clicks, Total number of clicks) for each keyword. Track the referral URL from where you received the clicks. This feature helps to tweak the keywords, affiliate link style to increase sale and conversion effectively.
  • You can also add NoFollow tag as well as where to open the affiliate link (either in the same window or new window).
  • Further, with AffiLinker you can show Affiliate Link Cloud a feature which shows a collection of Affiliate Links same like Tag Cloud.
  • And much more features…

This is a must-have WordPress plugin if you are willing to increase your blog income without much hard work. This plugin effectively monetizes the existing blog traffic in minutes!

Find more information and Demo on this AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

#2 – GoCodes URL Plugin.

This is a simple plugin which shortens the affiliate link to your choice as well as redirects the shorten link to its original affiliate links.

The advantages of this plugin:

  • Convert affiliate links into more meaning full links.
  • Track the number of hits your affiliate link gets.
  • Shall create multiple shorten links to same affiliate link
  • It uses 301 header redirect and hence search engine friendly
  • Shall add no index, no follow attributes, hence more search engine friendly
  • Looks like GoCodes is no longer active 🙁

#bonus – Hidden Affiliate Links Plugin.

The next plugin is Hidden Affiliate Links, one of the lightweight plugins to manage affiliate links effectively. It’s almost same like GoCodes with an extra feature.

The advantages of this plugin:

  • Define Slug for original affiliate link (same like AffiLinker)
  • Not sure whether, you could track the number of hits
  • The best part of this plugin: Once define a keyword and its corresponding affiliate link, this plugin quickly replaces that keyword into affiliate link throughout your WordPress blog.
  • Looks this plugin is also no longer active.


I see like all these plugins have varying features and not equally same. I suggest you to use AffiLinker:

  • To convert Affiliate Links into meaning full links, Track Hits and to make Interactive Affiliate Links.
  • Show Affiliate Link Cloud on the sidebar, footer – by just drag-n-dropping the widgets.

Utilize these WordPress plugins which effectively manages affiliate links as well as helps in making more money with your blog.

That’s it!


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  1. gocodes doesnt add nofollow tags i have tested it 🙁

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Yes, you can try AffiLinker it has better options to take maximum control on each and every affiliate links.


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