When readers share your blog content, they become your blog’s promoters. What better way to build readership and authority for your blog? However, the big question is this; how to get readers to share content without breathing down their necks? Here are 15 ways you can gently nudge them into sharing what you put out.image showing social share

1. Make Sure Your Content Is Worth Sharing

This is a fundamental requirement, without which there’s no point in encouraging sharing. Make sure your content impacts readers powerfully; when this happens, readers will believe that others will also be similarly impacted. Ergo, they share.

2. Include Statements That Are Worth Remembering

Be a little outrageous, a little scandalous on your blog; make statements that people will remember even after they’ve left your blog. Humans look for stimulation; edgy information is more often shared than regular stuff.

3. Make Sure Those Share Buttons Are At Hand

People read exciting blogs, experience that initial thrill and the desire to spread the word and then lose interest. Why? The content is not easy to share. Leverage those 3 minutes of hyper-attention and make sure there’s a big Retweet button at hand, along with all possible social sharing buttons.

4. Enable Social Sharing In Your Newsletters

It’s not just about enabling easy sharing of content from your blog site but also the content in your e-newsletters. Include links to Facebook, Twitter and all other social spaces you can think of. Use an email service provider such as Aweber; they provide a social share bar to enable content sharing.

5. Give Them A Gentle Nudge To Share

Just ask people to share; let them know you want more people reading your content and you’ll be surprised at the response. Be direct; ask for a Retweet if you’ve already tweeted it, or ask users to Stumble or Digg your content.

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6. Put Your Content Out There

Keeping your content on your blog site won’t get it out in front of your entire reader base. Put your content out into the social space; post links to articles on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to get more people reading.

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7. Grab Their Interest Using Engaging Titles

With so many blogs out there, you have to use every weapon in your arsenal. Hook those fish with engaging, curiosity-provoking blog post titles and half the job is done. People respond positively to ‘how to’ articles, list articles and ’15 ways to’ articles.

8. Let Your Content Be Easy To Read

Many people just skim headers and content in a few seconds to check readability. This means if your article has long unbroken paragraphs, long boring sentences or unpronounceable words, no one’s going to read it.

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9. Don’t Forget To Add A Few Jazzy Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Not everyone thinks in terms of words alone, which makes a great image absolutely irreplaceable. Place your attention-grabbing pics at the top of the post so the reader gets an eyeful of color at first instance.

10. Make Sure Your Content Adds Value To Readers’ Lives

A reader will share content only if they feel the content presents some value-add to them. Your content should either impart knowledge, or make them laugh, or make them think. Sharing comes naturally when a person is pleased with something.

11. Find Out What People Need And Give It To Them

Conduct a poll and find out what your users want to read in your blog. Focus on making your niche blog a one-stop shop for all the content needs your readers have. They shouldn’t feel the need to visit any other blog in the same blog niche !

12. Increase Your Social Network Size

Do what you can to get more subscribers and followers for your blog. People don’t subscribe unless approved of your content and attitude, and are therefore more likely to share content.

13. Allow Direct Content Sharing From Social Spaces

Make sure you have your own page on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and so on. When you write a new article, post it on all your social pages, and provide easy content sharing options for your followers.

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14. Place Bookmarking Buttons In Feeds

Add bookmarking buttons for Digg, Stumble Upon in your Feeds, just after your article. No matter how many subscribers you have, making it possible to share content via feeds is good strategy. The idea is to make it easy for people to share content no matter through which method they get it.

15. Use The ‘Read More’ Tag

Using up an entire page for just one article is not good strategy, because readers will just leave your site if they’re not interested. When multiple article choices are provided along with the ‘Read More’ tag, users have the option to browse and share.

If are expecting your readers to share your content, you have to encourage and educate them. Get back to your blog, see how you are encouraging, follow these methods now definitely you will see great results…Good Luck.


About the Author:

Dean works for Invesp and offers customized conversion optimization services for ecommerce businesses of all sizes and types.


  1. If I have a good looking, simple, fast loading theme at Blogger, will it not be good that a WordPress? After all its completely free and always UP. No need for Ping. Though It have other advantages of plugin, but its good for starters.

    More, How to add the share buttons in email subscribers? It tried to insert that in the RSS footer but it give error telling the code should be less than 500 words. Do you have any way? Thanks.

  2. yes read more tag as u mention is worth as it allows to display more article on single page and also make the visitor get involved with blog and may even increase CTR

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